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CranstonBickle t1_ir8u0bd wrote

I believe this was mentioned in the absolutely wonderful book “double cross” by Ben Macintyre. When reading a book and you read the line that at one point, every single spy working in Europe was working for British Intelligence as they had all been turned shows the brilliance of this amazing story or department x


Samuraisaurus t1_ir9liwn wrote

Every spy in England


CranstonBickle t1_iraw3qj wrote

We were both wrong (I looked it up) - it was every German spy was working for dept XX


Lionel_Herkabe t1_irb4he3 wrote

Department XX was a British counterintelligence program so by definition that statement must be true. Wikipedia says all German spies were turned except for one that committed suicide.


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CranstonBickle t1_ircxyrq wrote

He's by far my favorite author - he writes about stuff I love and I have all of his books about Military History. And he tells the stories so well

Operation Mincemeat was made into a film based on his book by Netflix. However I really want Double Cross to be made into a movie - an ensemble cast and like the big war films used to be. Think the Great Escape - the characters in the original story would make it epic.

Maybe I should right a screenplay myself?