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ReneDeGames t1_ir9hht6 wrote

that link says that "Currency in Circulation" hit 1 Trillion on 9-Mar-2011, and is currently at 2.2 Trillion.

The "Total Assets of the Federal Reserve" follows the 2008 1t to 8.7t today curve, also, this is raw data, which is effectively unusable for the average person, because it doesn't say exactly what was asked so I have no idea what all is tied up in the various statements.


justdoubleclick t1_ir9hqx1 wrote

Yes, it’s raw data directly published by the federal reserve. When the OP referred to the fed printing money they weren’t referring to physical notes printed, but the act of adding money into the system. The way they do that is through the repo system and their balance sheet shows how much they have created… this is extremely oversimplified of course..

So the $8.7T is money they have created which the banks can use to make more money and it all ends up in the system and driving inflation.


ReneDeGames t1_ir9k4xt wrote

Sure, that could be true, however quoting raw data at me is useless because I have no idea if your interpretation of the meaning of those number is correct, because "Total Assets of the Federal Reserve" could mean a bunch of different things.