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Scottland83 t1_irdbw8l wrote

People with cancer.


Shank6ter t1_irdc80w wrote

And who’s gonna distribute it? Mass produce it?


Scottland83 t1_irde4i6 wrote

Same as the cures for chlamydia, rabies, syphilis, tuberculosis, etc.


Shank6ter t1_irdf6cu wrote

There is no cure for any of the things you listed. All are treated either with anti-biotics or penicillin, which are repetitive treatments that make lots of money, or in the case of rabies there is no cure. There is a vaccine that is painful and only a one time treatment, and are only administered after someone has been possibly exposed because of how not only expensive it is, but painful as well.

All you did was prove my point. Big pharma isn’t going to invest into a one time cure all because it doesn’t make them as much money as prolonged treatments like chemo and anti-biotics do.


Scottland83 t1_irdguts wrote

Prove that there’s a cancer cure.


Shank6ter t1_irdh9mv wrote

Prove there isn’t 🤷‍♂️

See how easy it is to say shit like that? You made an argument that big pharma would indeed fund a cure, and I debunked every single one of the examples you used. Hell one of them doesn’t even have a normal treatment.


Scottland83 t1_irdhd1z wrote

I can’t prove there isn’t a cure and that was never my claim. You claimed there is a cure and can only Gish gallop when put on the spot.