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gofatwya t1_ir8mstm wrote

Now, in the US, we do that to ourselves.


SaxyOmega90125 t1_ir8mzya wrote

Some random German advisor: "What if we destroy our enemy by paying them a massive sum of money?"

Hitler: "Brilliant!"


rkadeYT OP t1_ir8oag1 wrote

It sounds like they had some warning of the plan from gathered intelligence:

>The Bank of England first learned of a plot from a spy as early as 1939. It first detected the existence of the notes in 1943, and declared them “the most dangerous ever seen.” (source)

There are also very subtle differences, a couple of which are described here.


IBeTrippin t1_ir8owdq wrote

The Fed is laughing at their paltry 130 million.


Dominarion t1_ir8pio8 wrote

The Nazis were terrible economists. 130 million pounds wouldn't have collapsed anything.


bravoomegatango t1_ir8qz5s wrote

And now imagine that most central banks do that today with little to no real oversight or transparency, taking money from the poor and placing it in their pockets and blaming "covid" "inflation" "supply chain issues"...... O wait ......


binger5 t1_ir8ruyc wrote

That's a lot of tea and biscuits.


eponymousanonymous19 t1_ir8s9eg wrote

There was a BBC comedy/drama made about this in the 1981 called Private Schulz, starring Michael Elphich and Ian Richardson. Can be bought on DVD.


Commie_EntSniper t1_ir8tmsk wrote

Imagine your job in the middle of a world war is to go spend as much cash as you can.


CincyBrandon t1_ir8tslk wrote

Man I bet those fakes are worth a FORTUNE today.


CranstonBickle t1_ir8u0bd wrote

I believe this was mentioned in the absolutely wonderful book “double cross” by Ben Macintyre. When reading a book and you read the line that at one point, every single spy working in Europe was working for British Intelligence as they had all been turned shows the brilliance of this amazing story or department x


dughqul t1_ir8wl7f wrote

Adolf Burger, a prisoner in Ausschwitz and later Sachsenhausen, who was forced to work in this operation, came to my school and talked about his experience. Very chilling, great man and I would recommend his book to learn more. In my head I can still, after more than 20 years, hear his words when he talked how the prisoners who lived, who were experimented on andcwho were killed were selected on the welcoming ramps in Ausschwitz.


hillo538 t1_ir8xeck wrote

Iirc atleast Orwell claims they also paid the ussr in fake money as well


dethb0y t1_ir99xfe wrote

It's interesting that they thought 130 million could do it. You'd need to inject much more than that even into britain's wartime economy.


ReneDeGames t1_ir9hht6 wrote

that link says that "Currency in Circulation" hit 1 Trillion on 9-Mar-2011, and is currently at 2.2 Trillion.

The "Total Assets of the Federal Reserve" follows the 2008 1t to 8.7t today curve, also, this is raw data, which is effectively unusable for the average person, because it doesn't say exactly what was asked so I have no idea what all is tied up in the various statements.


justdoubleclick t1_ir9hqx1 wrote

Yes, it’s raw data directly published by the federal reserve. When the OP referred to the fed printing money they weren’t referring to physical notes printed, but the act of adding money into the system. The way they do that is through the repo system and their balance sheet shows how much they have created… this is extremely oversimplified of course..

So the $8.7T is money they have created which the banks can use to make more money and it all ends up in the system and driving inflation.


ReneDeGames t1_ir9k4xt wrote

Sure, that could be true, however quoting raw data at me is useless because I have no idea if your interpretation of the meaning of those number is correct, because "Total Assets of the Federal Reserve" could mean a bunch of different things.


ElectricalCharge5 t1_ir9khob wrote

Go listen to the excellent Civil War podcast "Uncivil". The episode called "The Paper" tells the story of how a small shopkeeper in Philly started making counterfeit Confederate notes and it almost completely destroyed the Confederate economy.


MintyMissterious t1_ir9lk44 wrote

Don't tell me what to do! You're not my real mom!

But seriously, do think about it. Recent resurgence makes it clear they'd be happy to try at Holocaust again, and it's predictable they'd be slightly more tactical about it.


Joseluki t1_ir9n42z wrote

Wasn't North Korea at some point making the best 100 dollar counterfeit money? I think they were called superdollars.


xX609s-hartXx t1_ir9pkdr wrote

To be fair: Look at the original notes. They were an absolute joke when it comes to security and pretty much only relied on backchecking with the serial numbers.


TheHappyEater t1_ir9pw0b wrote

The forgery was done in a KZ near Berlin, Sachsenhausen, by prisoners of the concentration camp.


Trirain t1_ir9q01e wrote

one of the marks was that according the habit of the time the banknotes were pinned together to look authentic but either the prisoners working in the printing press or unaware spies put the pin in the place no Briton would put - through the face of the monarch or the coat of arms, I'm not sure now.

The other reason was that the prisoners actively sabotaged the printing, making little mistakes.


There is a movie about prisoners who worked in the printing press made from a book which was written by an actual prisoner who survived it.


yaminme t1_ir9r4fs wrote

Could someone please explain how would this collapse an economy? I know that with more emission, then the currency is worth less, but how could secretly bringing more currency impact it? How would you detect it and what would be the consequences? I don't know much about economy sorry


Cetun t1_ir9sqen wrote

A lot of the Abwehr were not sympathetic with the Nazis (Either because of ideological differences or the fact the Nazi party operated its own parallel intelligence agencies that competed with them). So as it turns out, most Abwehr agents sent over to great Britain basically turned themselves in as soon as possible and became double agents. Which usually means their job was to go to a bunch of high profile parties so they can be seen with people of influence to maintain their cover so that German intelligence would think they are doing work. In reality they were just getting drunk and spending money on both the British and German dime. I believe some of them even got to keep their German pensions after the war.


AnaphoricReference t1_ir9t7tq wrote

I wonder what would happen if you carpet bomb the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine with a trillion in Ruble bank notes.


Wrexis t1_ir9wa1o wrote

I look forward to the comedy movie made about this in 3 or 4 years.


FoxNo1738 t1_ira01af wrote

It's just hard to fight counterfeiters who have access to government resources, for a small time crook the one off costs/hassle to forge banknotes is hard to recoup,if you spend too much you'll get caught, for a government doing it on mass those costs are spread.

For example it's believed north korea produces many high end US banknotes


ColorUserPro t1_ira500z wrote

The idea is that more fake money makes the real money worth less and reduces consumer confidence in the money. Just like how money is taken out of circulation often to keep the value up, the thought was a lot of money put into circulation with nothing coming out would be effective. It turns out, the most effective move would've just been to put liz truss in as PM.


IAmBadAtInternet t1_ira7d4n wrote

There’s a great book about an American woman who essentially founded spy craft by her work in occupied France: A Woman of No Importance. The Abwehr features prominently and comes off as mostly incompetent except for 1 extremely dangerous counterintelligence agent.


vladimir_pimpin t1_iradhi1 wrote

That’s just not true though.

What you’re saying implies that the central banks of every other nation are stronger than the American central bank, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to put inflate the dollar with their policies.

Which they don’t. In fact, we see the opposite, with the American central bank actually crushing every other country in restricting money to fight inflation, primarily due to the fact that the American central bank is the strongest one in the world, for better or for worse.


SassyMoron t1_iranq1r wrote

This would in fact stimulate the economy


zephyrdragon15 t1_iraszjv wrote

The REAL reason why we switched to the metric system?? (/s)


NewClayburn t1_irb2393 wrote

Would this have any meaningful effect though? If anything, couldn't the British government just say "Hey, these are good enough we'll accept them." and then save some money on minting?


Mammoth-Banana3621 t1_irb2itb wrote

You mean printing money and circulating it can cause the collapse of a country??!!! No way!! Who knew?


cspruce89 t1_irb7c82 wrote

> Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda, described it as "einen grotesken Plan", "a grotesque plan",

Ummmmmm exsqueeze me? Goebbels thought THIS was grotesque?


21isabrit t1_irb8sqg wrote

Bro we print more money in a day


BadNameThinkerOfer t1_irb9rih wrote

They just had to wait another 80 years for us to do that ourselves.


Cetun t1_irbeddx wrote

Incompetent if incompetence was legitimately attempting to sabotage the Nazis. On more than one occasion Canaris, the head of the Abwehr, meet with Allied representatives and basically said "So what if one day Hitler were to suddenly die and all the top Nazis were rounded up and arrested, what kind of peace deal would offer?"

Canaris later being executed and the Abwehr being basically abolished after the Nazis figured out what he was up too.


ixkamik t1_irbpa8h wrote

If this topic interests you, look for a movie called the counterfeiters ( excuse my spelling, please check if it's spelled correctly). One of my favorite historical movies.


Treecliff t1_irbs9da wrote

Right. It's just saying that the Nazis could have done better... if they weren't the Nazis. Of course. But if they weren't nationalists/racists/antisemites, then they couldn't have won the war, because they wouldn't have started one.


loud119 t1_irbvu9m wrote

Honestly not a bad idea


Beneon83 t1_irbwbn1 wrote

This is happening to the USA now but they're doing it to themselves. Dollar Endgame, search Reddit and read it.


OldeFortran77 t1_irc7s11 wrote

It took until the 2020's but the German plan to collapse the British economy has finally worked.


Shank6ter t1_irchr4d wrote

Except it’s not. Chemo can and usually is a treatment required multiple times. And it costs thousands of dollars. If the cure existed it would kill recurring customers (not literally). There have been feasible treatments for cancer for decades but big pharmaceutical companies do what they can to prevent its exposure to the public.


CranstonBickle t1_ircxyrq wrote

He's by far my favorite author - he writes about stuff I love and I have all of his books about Military History. And he tells the stories so well

Operation Mincemeat was made into a film based on his book by Netflix. However I really want Double Cross to be made into a movie - an ensemble cast and like the big war films used to be. Think the Great Escape - the characters in the original story would make it epic.

Maybe I should right a screenplay myself?


46dad t1_ird18ev wrote

North Korea is really good at counterfeiting. I’ve always thought the US should outsource money printing to them. Let them handle the $20s.


Shank6ter t1_irdf6cu wrote

There is no cure for any of the things you listed. All are treated either with anti-biotics or penicillin, which are repetitive treatments that make lots of money, or in the case of rabies there is no cure. There is a vaccine that is painful and only a one time treatment, and are only administered after someone has been possibly exposed because of how not only expensive it is, but painful as well.

All you did was prove my point. Big pharma isn’t going to invest into a one time cure all because it doesn’t make them as much money as prolonged treatments like chemo and anti-biotics do.


Shank6ter t1_irdh9mv wrote

Prove there isn’t 🤷‍♂️

See how easy it is to say shit like that? You made an argument that big pharma would indeed fund a cure, and I debunked every single one of the examples you used. Hell one of them doesn’t even have a normal treatment.


substantial-freud t1_irps2qu wrote

It’s about quantity.

If the quantity of money in circulation doubled, the purchasing power halves — and everyone loses faith in the currency.

“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.” — John Maynard Keynes