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Dallenforth t1_itepm4r wrote

Governed by NPS though, I remember our tour guide calling it a park but it might just be semantics


Blatherskitte t1_itfhx6y wrote

Whenever I've gone to a nonpark (other than DC) they're always like "this is a real park, I'm a real park ranger" but the park rangers at official parks are like "lawl no". So I think there's a pecking order thing going on.


D0nutyajustkn0w1t t1_iti6t6w wrote

I am a former Park Ranger who has worked at monuments (flagstaff area - wupatki), historic sites Klondike historic) and parks (Yellowstone, Zion, redwoods). You’re a Park Ranger in uniform for all those jobs. Now if you’re a state park/national forest/concessionaire — you’re not a Park Ranger in how people think of them but mostly in practice.


MrMessy t1_iteq22z wrote

Yes, I wasn't trying go be rude or anything!