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Some_Inspector3638 t1_iu8wgtp wrote

Fucking Ween.


Highlander-Jay t1_iuak02o wrote

So fucking Brown.


do0tz t1_iuaysge wrote

Hey man, there's many colors in a homo rainbow. Don't be afraid to let your colors shine.


kiss_me_billy t1_iucj7qr wrote

Tell me you dont know anything about Ween outside of South Park without actually telling me


satisfried t1_iu8o64a wrote

That’s a dick move.


dr_jt t1_iu8wg79 wrote

Going to agree with you on this one, despite the downvotes you're already getting. He can say he has nothing but love and respect for Santana, but this is the kind of shit I'd expect from some loser teens, not a band that had been around for close to 20 years at the time.


VerticalYea t1_iua0ixn wrote

The whole point is that they are pretty much just loser teens. Have you heard their music?


thitmeo t1_iubznlp wrote

Ha. They certainly have a lot of material that can be interpreted as sophomoric and druggy, but they've got incredible range which a lot of people who've only heard "Put the Coke on My Dick" would never expect. Dean Ween is a really good guitar player with some blistering solos. Gene Ween, at least for the first two decades, had amazing vocal range. His falsetto on "Freedom of 76" has a soul and pitch to it that approaches Prince. Their music has capably-to-awesomely incorporated dozens of genres. If anyone wants to explore Ween beyond the "novelty" and "druggy/comedy" songs (some of which are great, too!) may I suggest this short list: the song this thread is about, Flutes of Chi, Stay Forever, The Argus, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Freedom of 76, On Buckingham Green, Mutilated Lips...


Sinbiote t1_iuc28nj wrote

Major Bateman vibes from this writeup! But thanks, this will give me something to read when I’m stuck in my cabana living off bananas and blow…


thitmeo t1_iuc2kuq wrote

Ha, the little dance Bateman does in his raincoat in that scene, gets me every time.


VerticalYea t1_iuc11fn wrote

Oh don't get me wrong, I appreciate the depth of their artistic ability. Good list by the way. But i listened to the Bandsplain episode on them and I was surprised by how just silly and high they were all the time!


thitmeo t1_iuc1szp wrote

Yeah, the substances really did a number on Gener. Seems a lot better now, but they've been without a new song for almost 15 years, and gotta wonder in Gene staying sober also closed some creative spigot. Or just, old, making bank from touring...


VerticalYea t1_iuc7suz wrote

That's the razor's edge for so many musicians. The crazy drugs open some incredible musical paths but there is a price to be paid. Ramones? Ya, they weren't just joking about sniffing glue. And heroin obviously led to some great jazz and modern alternative rock/grunge, but there's only a few years of that nonsense before it catches up to you.


NateNutrition t1_iuc7yfm wrote

I member gene hitting the high notes on freedom of 76 between drags of his lit cig. I especially appreciate a brilliance that never takes itself too seriously


satisfried t1_iu8ymtj wrote

For one it is literally theft. But primarily you just don’t touch someone’s expensive gear without permission. Santana probably would have graciously loaned the guitar had he been asked.


villagewinery t1_iu9eue2 wrote

This is stupid. People act like guitars are some sacred thing...pssh.

A guitar is just an instrument. Some total shit guitars sound great in the studio, and some of the greatest players play cheap ass instruments. The instrument is nothing special. Santa has 100 guitars in storage all over the place.

Most musicians would share/swap instruments if simply asked. Unless you're just a dick


PolyPanFemme t1_iu9k6tl wrote

People get weird about instruments, though. I had a guitarist who was a vocal advocate for pacifism nearly bludgeon a sound engineer because the engineer insulted his guitar. Musicians are kind of crazy to begin with, and guitarists are a special kind...


rocky4322 t1_iu9kpwo wrote

Sure but you should still ask. If I broke into your house and stole your screwdriver to finish a project you’d probably be mad about it even if you don’t care about the screwdriver.


3971_KTL t1_iu9yplt wrote

If you came across my screwdriver somewhere and used it then left it where it was and I was oblivious to it having been used we'd be cool.


AckbarTrapt t1_iua7l0c wrote

How about your car- an expensive piece of equipment that you rely on for work and that requires maintenance/calibration?


tomreece t1_iub4wiu wrote

What about Willie Nelson’s beloved acoustic guitar named Trigger?


themooseiscool t1_iubi8jd wrote

For sure, I have no problem letting someone play one of my guitars, but to quote Col. Jessup, you have to ask me nicely.


Jeebiz_Rules t1_iu8ylxr wrote

Long live Ween!

Edit: Also, for any Ween fans who didn’t know, Devin Townsend covered this song and it’s pretty cool.


Panicbrewer t1_iua2k2i wrote

“And no Carlos’s were hurt in the recording of this solo.”. So much brilliance on Quebec, this just takes the cake.


223222 t1_iu9qvdf wrote

Wasn’t a fan until I won tickets and saw them live. Really great live show. Still don’t listen to them often.


relaxguy2 t1_iu9xylh wrote

One of the best songs by the greatest band of all time. NBD.


TheDeadlySquid t1_iu9if6e wrote

I have heard Carlos’ setup and it has such a sweet warming tone. I see why they did this but seems like Carlos should have been looped in although he would probably want to have played it.


707Guy t1_iuaxxcb wrote

Unpopular opinion: Santana’s tone from the early 2000’s to now is horrible.


Bunch_of_Shit t1_iualzib wrote

I’m surprised to find a Ween fact here! I love the album Quebec.


NinDiGu t1_iua9ohx wrote

Guitars are axes, so I guess Santana's guitar is a tool.

Great name for a guitar shop: Tool Shed.


outfoxingthefoxes OP t1_iua9x29 wrote

It wasn't only the guitar they used, they also used his amp and some other stuff


NinDiGu t1_iuaazrs wrote

The only problem with some Ween songs is that they end.

They only hit for me at about 1 in 5, but the ones that hit, I wish they would never end.

Buckingham Green is like that for me:

I could listen to that song for hours.


outfoxingthefoxes OP t1_iuabccm wrote

That's the beginning... After a while the songs that you didn't enjoy start to sound better, that's when you embrace the brown. 'Wash Me Down' is a great song that never was officially released, very chill unlike Buckingham Green tho


uscrash t1_iuayb7b wrote

I avenged Santana by using Mickey’s effect pedals on high school band’s second album.


ElizabethHiems t1_iucvbl9 wrote

Someday by ween was one of our wedding songs.


mathpat t1_iua0m8b wrote

...and Sonic Youth's in my cooler!


jefftatro1 t1_iuar4ik wrote

Push the little daisies.


GrandmaPoses t1_iuatb06 wrote

As a kid, I used to lay awake and think

When was Santana gonna make a drink?

But now I'm all grown and my dream came true

Santana champagne, from here to you

From the heart of napa valley and the guitar king

Comes a sparkling wine, to make a blind man sing


Pitmidget t1_iuciejm wrote

My favourite Ween Song for sure


frealfr t1_iubqttc wrote

Never heard of her.


Drainbownick t1_iua8nok wrote

Dean can play his fuckin ass off but Ween is meh


jsparker43 t1_iubf0r0 wrote

Most forgettable band


plsdontstopmenow t1_iu9luy4 wrote

Ween fans were the worst part of South Parks 25th anniversary..


waveytype t1_iu9rbs0 wrote

It’s all the colors of the homo rainbow


GreenTrade9287 t1_iuejbg2 wrote

The worst part is simply the fact that such an absolute shit tv show managed to go on for 25 years.


wegqg t1_iu8uvzd wrote

who the fuck is ween


moleware t1_iu8z98m wrote

They've been around forever. If you haven't heard of them, that's on you.


wegqg t1_iu9038n wrote

at least they're appropriately named


CantRemember45 t1_iu9gw2h wrote

in the 80’s maybe, grandpa


moleware t1_iu9hge4 wrote

The band is 2 years older than I am. I guess technically I could be a grandpa, but it'd be gross.


CantRemember45 t1_iu9l48e wrote

i mean you still think whatever ween is would be something people still know about so you’ve gotta be at least a little pruned


OrionAboveMe t1_iu9n3pj wrote

LOL, you probably don't know who Carlos Santana is either.


TieWebb t1_iu9w937 wrote

who the fuck is wegqg?


NinDiGu t1_iuaa5vi wrote

He's been around since the 80's. If you do not know who he is, that's on you.