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trustych0rds t1_ird5sbr wrote

I wonder does this correlate with passing out on random lawns.


auroraboringalice t1_irdb1bk wrote

As someone that is the only one bitten by mosquitoes while standing with a dozen people, I've looked this up. All mosquitos are attracted to the scent of beer, especially if you're talking, especially if you're wearing dark clothing, especially if you're O neg blood type, especially if you're a woman, and especially if you're pregnant.

Edit: I'm all these things except pregnant.


AggressivelyNatural3 t1_ird5gsr wrote

I've also heard any alcohol will do it. Apparently alcohol impairs the twitch reflex enough to make it easier for them.


CleverGirl2014 t1_irdgsby wrote

That headline could've just left off the last three words.


reapertuesday t1_irdia3i wrote

Are we sure that getting mosquitos drunk doesn’t just make them hungry?


coffeeinvenice t1_irdiggl wrote

You mean..."Mosquitos are more attracted to people who drink beer"?


BrokenEye3 t1_irdogqa wrote

Humans are more attractive to mosquitos who drink beer


Azeze1 t1_irduo36 wrote

Makes them more attractive to us or make us more attractive to them..?


IMTrick t1_iredc8i wrote

I think the important question is who is drinking the beer.

How cute must those little beer goggles be?


Gordofski t1_irdwhs5 wrote

That's not how beer goggles are supposed to work


bluedevil_zg t1_irdgf0b wrote

I’m 47 now and since I started enjoying beer regularly (must have been my 20s) I was always the one the bastards wouldn’t attack. That is, whenever I had a beer or two they would just go on annoying other people around and I could stand there with no protection and get literally 0 bites. If I didn’t drink beer, they would bite me too. Just a beer or teo was all it took for me, and I was free to go.

Not that I got drunk, mind you, I could drink 4-5 beers (half a litte) with no effect whatsoever, I developed pretty good resistance back then.

Now I don’t drink that much (if any) anymore and the nastards are eating me alive!

It was my opinion that the beer was pushing them away, much the same as taking antibiotics (we noticed that ehen people are takin antibiotics for whatever sickness, they would be spared). We always assumed it made blood “dirty” or otherwise non desirable for them bastards…

…and now this article wwants to change everything our numerou experiments showed us…


Duke-Kickass t1_iretiv1 wrote

You got a late start drinking beer. Work hard to make up for that. Cheers!


Duke-Kickass t1_iretbwq wrote

Well… that explains a lot. 🍺🦟😩


thenord321 t1_iri1iem wrote

This may help explain why British workers had such problems in Panama and other big building projects in jungles.


Shackdaddy161 t1_irdcnxg wrote

Maybe, however I can confirm that beer may call them, but residual whiskey seems to kill them. But what do I know, every tick I pull off is a dead tick also.