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corrado33 t1_irenano wrote

> Even tap water has some flouride.

Not in some cities (like calgary.)

Some idiots (read, uneducated citizens) decided to say that "fluorine is badddd mm'kayyyy" so they took it out.


IBeTrippin t1_ireqflo wrote

My town just got rid of Fluorine. The people making the decision were mostly scientists. There's a number of reasons to do so besides 'fluorine is bad'. One of the reasons was its mostly sourced in China, and the purity is questionable at the very least, meaning they were dumping who-knows-what industrial sludge into the water.


corrado33 t1_irjs39z wrote

So... let me get this straight....

Instead of just... finding a better source.... they decided to deal with the worse dental health of all their citizens?

Sounds like an extremely stupid reason to take fluoride out.


IBeTrippin t1_irlocu5 wrote

Its a good thing they had a variety of reasons then. Including there's not a ton of evidence it helps in this era of fluoride toothpaste. We started putting it in water back before fluoride toothpaste was available. So is it still providing the benefit it did, now that almost everybody is already directly applying it to their teeth? Probably not. Places without it are doing just fine.

Plus there's cost/benefit. What other good can they do with the million dollars they save? Can that money go to making the water cleaner and safer?


corrado33 t1_irpcp19 wrote

> Places without it are doing just fine.

Places without it don't have the high sugar diet that places with it do.

You can't compare apples with oranges.

> What other good can they do with the million dollars they save? Can that money go to making the water cleaner and safer?

Honestly? Doubtful. With the mass amounts of corruption we see in almost any government I can almost guarantee that money is "forgotten about" and ends up in government leaders' pockets.


koalanotbear t1_irf36dk wrote

i actually have fluridosis from having too much flourine as a child and its fucked up my teeth, but aside from that im not sure of any visible damage, maybe my chronic bone pain is one issue caused by it but i have no proof, its given me restless leg syndrome and general myalgia. ---could be unrelated.. not sure


Ailike32 t1_irggmd4 wrote

Sure its not a tin overdose from your hat?


koalanotbear t1_irgq4g4 wrote

i literally have diagnosed flurine poisoning from consuming too much flurine as a child. not a conspiracy its real.


shawntitanNJ t1_irh5h4l wrote

How does something like this happen? Too many fluoride supplements?


koalanotbear t1_irhlhnt wrote

yeh i think just was exposed to too many different sources and they stacked.

the issue is it forms layers through ur calcium deposits as you are growing, so like the idea is that you regulary are getting an even, constant, little amount that is dispersed through ur bones and teeth as u grow, but at some stages I had massive exposures and the flurine formed thicker layers in pockets that are harder but more brittle, and so these pockets crack. my teeth kinda lose flakes of these thick white flurine layers over years like a croissant kinda flaking off


Holy-flame t1_irfmxzq wrote

Ya ya, you and every other person who thinks it should be removed. The last 10 that I tried to question made shit up.


AdoriZahard t1_irijysd wrote

Those idiots that took it out was the city council at the time. Sure, they might've gotten letters and phone calls asking to do so, but it was the council itself that voted to take it out.

Not sure if it's been reintroduced yet, but both Calgary itself (in a 62-38 vote) and city council voted to reintroduce it last year. This sounds totally like an Onion article, but the city has had seven separate plebiscites on whether or not to have fluoridated water.


corrado33 t1_irjrlml wrote

Yeah I was in calgary when they took it out and I went to the dentist and was like "WTF?" and the dentist was like "yeah people are dumb."


BylenS t1_irf6tvu wrote

Cancel cultures motto should be "Let's take it back 200 years"