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koalanotbear t1_irgq4g4 wrote

i literally have diagnosed flurine poisoning from consuming too much flurine as a child. not a conspiracy its real.


shawntitanNJ t1_irh5h4l wrote

How does something like this happen? Too many fluoride supplements?


koalanotbear t1_irhlhnt wrote

yeh i think just was exposed to too many different sources and they stacked.

the issue is it forms layers through ur calcium deposits as you are growing, so like the idea is that you regulary are getting an even, constant, little amount that is dispersed through ur bones and teeth as u grow, but at some stages I had massive exposures and the flurine formed thicker layers in pockets that are harder but more brittle, and so these pockets crack. my teeth kinda lose flakes of these thick white flurine layers over years like a croissant kinda flaking off