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Breakdawall t1_itagu3q wrote

>Lasorda was known to have kind of a short temper during his long and successful managerial career. In fact, one of his most famous moments was when he full-out attacked the Phillie Phanatic.

Bruh, you messed with Philly how did you not get hurt by fans?


UYScutiPuffJr t1_itahoka wrote

Fans nothing, the Philly mascots are the concept of chaos and violence manifested into fat bellies and crazy eyes. They’ll shank you and leave you in a ditch like a hitchhiking robot.


BrokenEye3 t1_itaneh9 wrote

Don't be ridiculous. How could a ditch possibly resemble a hitchhiking robot?


Useless_Lemon t1_itjmbgb wrote

How about a ditch of Robots, instead? Like the one in Detroit Become Human. Lol


weensanta t1_itau9hx wrote

Youppi! Also interesting enough was the first mascot to switch sports after the expos moved to Washington he became the Montreal Canadiens mascot (hockey)


jimthesquirrelking t1_itc2d0b wrote

Then a torrid love affair of his led to the birth of a new chaos mascot we all know and love... Gritty


Roxypark t1_itd58jd wrote

If I’m not mistaken, that move from the Expos/Nats to the Canadiens was also a trade. So it was also the first time a mascot was traded.


zuniac5 t1_ita8bqo wrote

And then the entire team got thrown out of Major League Baseball.


SmurfJooce t1_itacdyl wrote

Yeah, well... the Pirates Parrot almost went to prison for things he was doing at the ballpark.

Advantage: Buccos.


Lincoln_Park_Pirate t1_itbn3ff wrote

When I was a collegiate mascot, a guy who had my job about 10 years prior (dressed as a dog btw) lifted his leg on a basketball referee. He actually got a technical foul for the team.


RememberedOldBuddy t1_itc07py wrote

Going to Montreal in 2019 and seeing all the Expos hats and jerseys for sale gave me the impression that they never really got over losing a professional baseball team.


drygnfyre t1_itfmbot wrote

There has actually been talking of moving the Rays to Montreal for half the season. It won't actually happen because it's a logistical nightmare, but it demonstrates that Montreal is still a viable market and a new team using the Expos name could return.

I believe MLB owns the "Expos" trademark, even though all previous history is with the Nationals. Odds are what would happen is an expansion franchise using the old name but not the history.


chadslc t1_itfijqd wrote

There's constant talk about relocating a current team to assume the Expos history & name.


legomole2 t1_itam7do wrote

And that game went 22 innings. 1-0 Final Dodgers.


A_Silverback_Gorilla t1_itaamhv wrote

Is it fair to call any game that the Expos were in "major league"?


hatel0ve-k t1_itadm8b wrote

Yeah, they were 1st in 1994, but then the MLB we t on strike


SmurfJooce t1_itafake wrote

And it also cost Tony Gwynn the chance at the only .400 season since Ted Williams in 1941. He finished at a phenomenal .394 for the shortened season, and was warming up, with .423 in the second half of the year.

People talk about how far ahead of everyone Wayne Gretzky or Jerry Rice or whoever is... but we will NEVER see another Tony Gwynn-level hitter. He could go oh-for-THREETHOUSAND and still have a .300 lifetime average. He struck out three times in a game exactly ONCE in 2,440 career games. Ridiculous stuff.


adamcoe t1_itdpvg2 wrote

Not for nothing but John Olerud hit 400 into August just one year prior. Obviously not even close to the same level over their careers but Gwynn wasn't the only guy with a realistic shot at 400 for a season.


SmurfJooce t1_iteylvj wrote

I tried to find a way to shit on your comment (tastefully, of course). All I could do was, 1993 was an expansion year, Olerud ended at .363, and he struck out over 3 times as often as Gwynn. But Olerud also had 200+ more plate appearances, more hits, runs, RBI, doubles, triples, and twice as many home runs as Gwynn.

Except for ending at .363, I'm very surprised at how 1993 Olerud compares to 1994 Gwynn. Thanks for pointing that out.


doctor-rumack t1_itqbsvo wrote

That '94 Expos team was stacked. Larry Walker, Pedro Martinez, John Wetteland, Moises Alou, Wil Cordero, Cliff Floyd, Marquis Grissom, Rondell White, and managed by Felipe Alou..

Lots of all stars, but also a ton of guys who went on to have long MLB careers. The team was completely dismantled within a few years and the only star they had after that was Vlad Guerrero Sr.