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Dr_Tobias_Funke_MD t1_iui8niw wrote

You learned this today?


[deleted] t1_iuii602 wrote



Proper-Nectarine-69 t1_iuibybm wrote

I learned this today. Not everyone knows everything like you .


2weimateus t1_iuicam9 wrote

This is kind of a very common fact.


Bierbart12 t1_iuid331 wrote

If only. They don't teach about arranged marriages or marriages at all in most schools


PreOpTransCentaur t1_iuineuv wrote

It's literally just sitcom fodder though. Like, every movie or TV show that features a wedding will inevitably have this trope.


Temnothorax t1_iujsvyb wrote

But that doesn’t connect it to the arranged marriage part. I think that’s the interesting part that people are talking about


SEND_PUNS_PLZ t1_iuiebgh wrote

It’s called a ranged marriage because the bride and groom had to stay far away from each other


5stringviolinperson t1_iuiiuyv wrote

Waaaaaaaaaay! Jokes! User name checked right out and is halfway across the hotel lobby by now.


DifficultSpill t1_iuihej4 wrote

A lot of us Jews still have a tradition not to see each other for the week before.


42tfish t1_iuj194d wrote

I wonder how many of y’all after a week apart are like “you know what, I’m good. See yea!”


iPod3G t1_iuiu4ed wrote

It was bad luck if she was ugly as f*ck.


RiskyBiscuits150 t1_iuk6sji wrote

This is actually the reason though. There was a fear that if the groom saw the bride before he might run, but if he sees her at the alter there was no way out.


anywineismywine t1_iujsygx wrote

In the UK it’s traditional for the groom not to see his bride the day before the wedding for luck.


[deleted] t1_iuiiudy wrote

When women were property.


MpVpRb t1_iujlwgm wrote

Arranged marriages, like slavery, are some of the most awful things people have done to each other throughout history


Temnothorax t1_iujt378 wrote

Ehhhh, not even close. Coercion sure, but assuming it’s consensual it’s really not that bad. Arranged marriages tend to be fairly successful