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lapsangsouchogn t1_iria6l1 wrote

Because his son grew up to be politically connected

EDIT: for those who don't like the source, here's the NY Times article.

Here's CBS

I'll let you look up the dozens of other articles on your own.

> Chesa Boudin was 14 months old when his parents were arrested over the Brinks robbery. He was raised by Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground founder who worked closely with Barack Obama. After graduating from Yale University, Boudin served as a translator for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. He worked as a public defender before his election to San Francisco district attorney.

> Chesa Boudin lobbied Cuomo last year to grant clemency to his father, saying he hoped the governor "will show courage and mercy."

> Boudin said on Monday that his "heart is bursting" from Cuomo’s decision. Boudin is part of a wave of left-wing prosecutors who swept into local office in recent years promising criminal justice reform. He has come under fire for releasing inmates and deferring prosecution for a variety of lower-level crimes. His critics have blamed the policies for a crime surge in the Bay Area.


kronicfeld t1_irio9rk wrote

LOL Ayers never “worked closely with” Obama. They overlapped on a board of directors that met quarterly.


VentureQuotes t1_iritrjl wrote

Don’t quote from the Washington free beacon, it is a complete rag


kieran3434 t1_irjwmih wrote

Always a sign of intelligence to blame the messenger and not the message. Go read about it in The NY Times if that’s better for you.


shinra528 t1_irl4vqn wrote

Funny how neither of the non-rags you linked mentions a tie between Obama and Ayers.


kieran3434 t1_irlby10 wrote

Yeah, weird that a liberal outlet wouldn’t publicize that, isn’t it? 🙄. Go do some research on Ayers and Obama and make a decision for yourself.


shinra528 t1_irmjidq wrote

I did back in 2008 and came to the same conclusion you did… by willfully ignoring all the evidence, reporting, and fact checking showing that the relationship was exaggerated while dismissing the lack of real solid evidence on the part of my, at the time, trusted sources.

I’ve since done my research again, properly, and realized my conservative sources where full of shit not just on this but on most things.