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vferrero14 t1_iu8nin9 wrote

So what you are saying is that not all the effects of climate change are bad? I'm not pro fucking the planet just observing that some changes to our climate could in theory be good.


Such_Performance229 t1_iu92b77 wrote

Here’s even more of a head fuck: we have very convincing evidence that the Clean Air Act is leading to more storm development in the Atlantic. Less air pollution has resulted in sea surface temperatures rising now that there isn’t a blanket of air pollution to keep the temperature down. There is also an impact on the jet stream, reducing wind shear and therefore assisting storm development.

Now obviously the Clean Air Act is extremely important and objectively good. But it’s another example of how we need to talk seriously about weather resilience and avoiding, for example, rebuilding extremely vulnerable coastal communities after a storm like Ian.


vferrero14 t1_iu93lqd wrote

Everything exists on a spectrum. Anyone who tries to define things in black and white is usually so vastly oversimplifying that it's no longer relevant anymore.


fluffy_flamingo t1_iuakn8t wrote

High latitude countries may see some positive benefits as a result of climate change, particularly in their agricultural sectors. As winters begin soften, their growing seasons will lengthen and land will become sustainable for farming. Its for that reason that Russia, for example, has been largely quiet on the subject of climate change.

That said, it's not expected that those benefits will outweigh the wider economic problems climate change is likely to present.


The_Thunder_Child t1_iu95i86 wrote

Well, it's still bad. Tornadoes don't kill that many people but climate change will.


vferrero14 t1_iu99d48 wrote

Yea except there's pretty much nothing that 21st century engineering can do to make a city safe from a direct hit by an ef5. Also, we don't just measure climate change devastation based on death toll but also damage to our infastructure.


The_Thunder_Child t1_iu99iaf wrote

Yeah and so climate change will do way more damage than a small reduction in tornadoes will compensate for.