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HenriettaHiggins t1_iu7ia0k wrote

Oh hon, this isn’t even the worst of it. We saw a deed in Baltimore last week that limited individuals living in a certain neighborhood from being non-white in fairly enumerated terms, and it wasn’t renounced by the neighborhood until…2014! The house sold in under a week for more than a million dollars. 😐


teh_maxh t1_iu7uubn wrote

Deed restrictions like that are pretty common. They're not legally enforceable, so it's usually not worth the bother of actually getting them removed.


HenriettaHiggins t1_iu86hf7 wrote

Yeah my understanding was they’re rendered null by the fair housing act but it that someone in 2014 felt compelled to “address “ it with a cover letter


genesiss23 t1_iu8vcfz wrote

Deed restrictions have been illegal since the fair housing act. In some areas, it's just hard to change the deed and so, it's just left on.