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RichardStinks t1_iueq3pv wrote

At The Vid, they had two options: a can of tomato soup for $8 or a $15 Hot Pocket.

There was no stove. No microwave.

The blue laws were changed later, but this is what it took to serve liquor on Sundays in Indiana.


PaulAspie t1_iug2knn wrote

Like why not have pretzels and chips? If I'm grabbing a beer at a brewery, I will often be ready to buy an overpriced bag of chips.


lilmisswho89 t1_iugybmx wrote

We have those laws in Aus. It literally specifies that food must be sold if alcohol is being served. Literally a plate of peanuts on the counter counts.


UnconstructiveLover t1_iuh4v7z wrote

In Queensland it has to be ( or had to be last time I did my RMLV) a meal that you would typically eat with a knife and fork. Chips or garlic bread or a toastie didn’t count Edit I’m thinking of on certain public holidays, Christmas Day and Anzac Day.


lilmisswho89 t1_iuh5qt0 wrote

I’m in Vic, I held a liquor license for a bar for a while so I was relatively good with the laws. What I learnt most of all is that VGLR enforces the law based on context. The food rule is gonna be a lot more strict at a sit down bar than at a nightclub, but the reverse would be true for the water rule.

As the dude who ran my liquor license training said, (paraphrase) sometimes it’s safer to stick a drunk in the corner and ply them with water and food until they sober up a bit, is that what the law says? No, but that’s why laws are written vaguely, so common sense can prevail. (Liquor license people are not cops but they work with cops so have that argument elsewhere)


kombimon t1_iuhfp6w wrote

The ZOO used to have thus licence in the Valley. You'd get a plaster plate with a ham slice rolled up, a manky salad on a cling wrapped plate to get through the door with entry fee. A bin on the other side of entry full of plates that I'm sure were recycled!


RobtheNavigator t1_iuinz0a wrote

For real, I can't imagine why a bar wouldn't at least have some kind of prepackaged food just for profit reasons. Drunk people want food and they can either leave your bar to get it or stay and keep drinking.


thecoolerllcoolJ t1_iuftd2h wrote

After the first covid lock down, San Diego required food to be purchased to drink. A stupid law to keep bars closed. A dive bar down the road from me sold microwaved corn dogs or hotdogs with drinks and it actually ended up being pretty nice.


MogMcKupo t1_iug9vmy wrote

Same here, a dive I like had a hot dog roller and they’d just put a two dollar charge on your bill, if you went and got a hot dog, that was your own prerogative but you played by Newsoms rules.

The place isn’t amazing or grand, but it’s one of those places that a lot of older dudes grump to grump and it’s fun to watch sports with them


robotzor t1_iuijje9 wrote

> but you played by Newsoms rules

So another tax


Korncakes t1_iugt5ak wrote

I remember a few bars selling little bags of chips and pretzels in San Diego to skirt the law. I forget where it was but the bartender was like “I gotta charge you $1, you want a bag of chips or no?”

No thank you I do not want your child sized bag of original flavored Lay’s but charge me whatever you need to brother. We would just get outside food delivered to the bar anyway.


guimontag t1_iuh25dz wrote

damn outside food delivered to a bar sounds like a dream tbh


Korncakes t1_iuh2e4w wrote

I haven’t gone to bars much for a while but at least a solid few beer/wine only bars in San Diego allow it. It’s pretty fucking rad honestly, most of them are in areas with lots of food options around so if someone in your group isn’t feeling one place and everyone else is, everyone can eat what they want.


thecoolerllcoolJ t1_iuiaqaq wrote

Never has a bar get mad about outside food. This dive bar I was talking about had a couple nice ethnic places in the same strip mall. Normally drink a little grab some food and if felt like it just go back to the bar to eat it.


_CurseTheseMetalHnds t1_iui9ci3 wrote

We had the same in the UK. Iirc it was defined as "a substantial meal" which obviously left it open to interpretation.


Jaggedmallard26 t1_iuibqiw wrote

Then there was a hilarity of politicians giving statements about the status of scotch eggs as if they'd ever ate one in their lives.


hastur777 t1_iuf6qw8 wrote

I remember those menus. Glad the blue law has been repealed.


Real1KCB t1_iug2k8v wrote

Kansas still has weird Sunday liquor laws. I never understood it. Are they worried about people getting smashed before going to church?


autisticshitshow t1_iug3cyd wrote

Getting smashed INSTEAD of going to church


DJDaddyD t1_iugdgfd wrote

Just chug that communion wine and get smashed IN CHURCH


HardCounter t1_iugsblq wrote

The get angry because the wine is actually grape juice and smash THE church.


Real1KCB t1_iugcwpg wrote

Probably right. So why do they stop selling at 8pm, instead of 11pm?


autisticshitshow t1_iugi4y5 wrote

I don't know that's why I left Kansas (born there but sure as fuck won't die there). My guess is the same reason Baptists won't have sex standing up


RobtheNavigator t1_iuiti0s wrote

"You know what makes me forget how badly I need a beer? Having someone preach at me for a few hours"


Vicith t1_iuggc3c wrote

At the very least a sizeable junk of kansas residents live near the missouri border, just hop over to Missouri if you want liquor on sunday lol.


TazzyKC t1_iugiiyy wrote

There's a Kings liquor over at State line and a bar named Ugly Joes just a few feet away. Both lots were packed with KS plates every Sunday.


bobnla14 t1_iugzyk4 wrote

Back in the 80s liquor agents for Kansas used to hang out on 103rd or 75th street and would catch people driving back from Missouri liquor stores. But that is lawyer/big business owner neighborhoods. So someone told them to cut that stuff out quite quickly.


Dante13028 t1_iugdc2o wrote

You’ve been to The Vid?! Do they still have that unique character of a bouncer guarding the stairs?


DexterBotwin t1_iugpzm8 wrote

Was in Indiana, walked down to the convenience store near our hotel to grab a six pack. Couldn’t buy cold beer because it was Sunday.


Plug_5 t1_iugor2h wrote

I keep checking to see if I'm in r/bloomington. So weird to see a fellow Bloomingtonian here!


HighExplosiveLight t1_iug5x5a wrote

I think sun king is the place that popularized their $10 hot pocket.

Also, my old barcade in Bloomington served hot pockets and ramen noodles.


mandigo_marcus t1_iuhijwn wrote

I don’t miss driving to Ohio on Sunday’s jus to buy beer


tracerhoosier t1_iui2rno wrote

In Lafayette, Louisiana there was a bar that would offer a free plate dinner to you on Sunday. Even if you said no they would put the plate in front of you because the parish blue laws were you could buy alcohol as long as you were served food.