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carbinePRO t1_irsxh86 wrote

I hear that. I read something not too long ago about the idea of Nazis being heroes, and Rabe and Schindler were the subjects of that piece. The journal concluded that it is possible to separate the party affiliation from the person based on their deeds, which I believe is fair to a degree. There were a lot of German businessmen who were abroad and part of the Nazi Party that had no idea of what was happening back home. Maybe it's possible that Rabe was a just a naive idealist. He did write to Hitler hoping that he would stop the Japanese from committing war crimes against the Chinese. I don't know how someone would think Hitler would be capable of doing such a thing if they were aware of what he was ordering to happen to the Jews.


ThePhysicistIsIn t1_irtw3lk wrote

Close to a quarter of the german population was part of the Nazi party, for most it didn’t mean anything else than being part of a social club that helped them get promotions at work


Timpstar t1_irv3lx2 wrote

Exactly. It's a tough pill to swallow, but the lives of so many germans became not only liveable, but great thanks to the nazis. Sometimes people excuse bad behavior if it means it'll get their own living situation from bad to good.


ThePhysicistIsIn t1_irxyeke wrote

In terms of real wages the conditions of the average german did not actually materially improve during Nazi leadership, but it was no secret that refusing to join the party placed you at a disadvantage/made you suspect.

Many Anti-Nazis joined the party just to cast off suspicions. It really didn't mean you supported the party. No more than being part of the Communist party in the USSR meant you believed in Communism. It just meant you were willing to pretend.