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aaj617 t1_is6h4dk wrote

I had an extremely abusive ex that treated me like a dog last year.

Final straw was when she tried to feed me unseasoned casserole with no stuffing on Thanksgiving.

Finally worked up the courage to stand up for myself finally and get rid of her.


CranstonBickle t1_is5oqiz wrote

Casseroles? As in Cassoulet, Moussaka, Timaballo?

Oh and the Casseroles they cook in England, Australia, NZ?

Ok you said most - but they are maybe a lot more common than you think. I grew up eating and cooking them in the UK. Lancashire Hotpot is yum

But suing people. Oh yeah that's an American thing. Though it is creeping into other countries like the UK. Thanks for that.


Dodohead1383 t1_is8eqhb wrote

Why are you getting downvoted? People why is he being downvoted?


CranstonBickle t1_is8gc93 wrote

Blimey.... I guess someone really doesn't like me. And his only 4 friends


Nonions t1_is5qpgw wrote

>. Lancashire Hotpot is yum

I'm sitting here hungry and you made it worse by making me think of this!! Gonna have to make one this weekend.