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blighty800 t1_iuc7ial wrote

Some countries just prefer to put it on the moon for convenience


ticklefight87 t1_iuc7lt2 wrote

Put a stack of bricks in front of it and I can slide down from the top to the next level.


OldMork t1_iucloax wrote

what is it made of? Must be incredible strong to not bend for wind when so tall, I guess reinforced fiberglass? Aluminium?


HuoLongHeavy t1_iuc9m8s wrote

Genuinely surprised it's not in the US. I'm sure some other nations are super patriotic too and I just don't realize it. But oversized and patriotism is kinda the USA's bread and butter.


mnfimo t1_iuczuc7 wrote

Go look at the list, the Acuity Flagpole in WI barely made the top 10. They love these tall flagpoles in the Middle East


DreamsOfMafia t1_iud9qsp wrote

Well there are plans for a flagpole in the US that will stand 1,461 ft tall (including the 315 ft hill it will be on that's 1,776 ft, though obviously doesn't count towards the actual size of the structure)


Dalisca t1_iuglyo7 wrote

Dubai is more into that than the U.S.


Either_Difficulty851 t1_iudzoag wrote

I'm not sure I agree that is true of all the states. Wisconsin, yes. But, next door in Minnesota they have Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox.


Dakens2021 t1_iuczhm4 wrote

Lots of things are taller than the Statue of Liberty, that's such a random comparison.