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Ouchyhurthurt t1_iuh1i43 wrote

I feel like this is written by someone in their basement going by their gut feeling… thieves just bust a window and grab what is inside. Doesn’t matter what it is, they will find out once they leave the area.

My old neighborhood had a problem with a whole crew some nights. The first person would quickly walk up a whole block, breaking the windows of cars along the way. A second (or more) person followed and just snagged the shit out of the inside of cars. Speed is the name of the game.


YumericanPryde t1_iuh4guf wrote

this is a perfect example that specialization leads to economies of scale


Legitimate_Ad5848 t1_iuhoyj8 wrote

Finally, economics i learnt in school came to use


Deracination t1_iuit6im wrote

Seriously, we did this exact exercise, except showing us how it was faster to assemble pens by each person doing just one step instead of each doing a whole pen. This is just a disassembly line.


DominicJourdyn t1_iuhd75y wrote

Where I live, if that.

Ive done security for 5 years, I’ve seen people just go up, smash a window, walk away. Didn’t even look, didn’t grab anything.

I even had a coworker who was angry, confused, and almost glad; they smashed her window, and her very full very expensive gym bag and equipment were in the back completely untouched.

They took nothing, just smashed then left. It made her claim more difficult ironically because “how do we know you didn’t break it yourself if nothing was stolen” ( she did get it sorted, but cmon ICBC, we had them on fuckin camera for you…)


Ouchyhurthurt t1_iui95tr wrote

Oh i had my windows broken too, and everything left inside. There are still people that are just assholes too xD


Jahobes t1_iuj1s14 wrote

I've been living in Seattle for years now but I still have physiological reactions when I see ICBC.

I'm a pretty conformist. But the tyranny of ICBC made me want to formant revolution.


sneeps t1_iuime0u wrote

Crime is leaking out of r/vancouver


Jimothy_McGowan t1_iuhho5c wrote

Exactly. One of my friends told me the story of when someone robbed his car. Smashed a window, stole a set of golf clubs. They found the bag of clubs and all it's contents in a bush not too long after. Turns out, the thief realized he didn't want them, once he'd realized what he'd taken


Ouchyhurthurt t1_iui9iyz wrote

Thats basically how i found my schoolbooks one time. I was already intoxicated and walking home when I noticed my car had been broken into and my schoolbag stolen. I decided, “fuck it, lets go ask some of the homeless folks around if they saw anything” after talking to about 10 people or so, this nice dude pointed me to a trashcan where he saw a dude dump a backpack. Muh books!


skellyton3 t1_iuis2hn wrote

One time a friend of mine had their car broken into. They had a fully foiled modern infect deck for the game Magic the Gathering that was taken.

They found the deck in the bushes near his house, his laptop was MIA.

He didn't really care about the laptop, the deck was worth thousands of dollars.


Jahobes t1_iuj10fc wrote

Reminds me of the time some homeless people broke into my car and stole 3 dollars in quarters when my $500 Microsoft textbook was in open view in the back seat. You could sell one of those for basically full price on eBay or Craigslist.


ardranor t1_iujugzx wrote

Yep, name of the game for these kinds of thefts is quick turn around. It needs to either be cash or something that can be traded for cash.


drekwithoutpolitics t1_iuka4am wrote

Reminds me of a kid whose car got broken into in college. Thief left the change but stole his pen. Lol


RunningRunnerRun t1_iuhqa6p wrote

Yeah. I had my window broken and the thief didn’t take anything. I even had a one dollar bill in a compartment that they opened, but I guess that wasn’t enough to bother taking.


Aelok t1_iuhr6fc wrote

I wouldn't touch a $1 bill in a strangers car. Too many stripper cracks and cocaine boogers on singles.


crabmuncher t1_iui8715 wrote

Probably checked the pockets of the bag for change.


Jimothy_McGowan t1_iuir4aw wrote

That's what we thought too, but apparently the thief left his watch in there too. This isn't a super nice watch or anything, but it looks nice and it's a free watch. Personally, I've always been curious if he even bothered checking


St3phiroth t1_iujta7v wrote

I had my car window smashed in a parking garage in Vancouver, BC. They didn't take any of the US cash or change, or the sentimental piece of art in the trunk. But they did take some backup diabetes meds and thyroid meds. Jokes on them if they took them hoping for a high.


the-magnificunt t1_iuicai6 wrote

Meanwhile, someone broke into my car back in the day and went through my CDs, only taking ones they liked and leaving the rest. My musical taste was never more insulted.


Ouchyhurthurt t1_iuicn6y wrote

WHAT?! Thats wild.

Maybe they needed weapons to fight zombies and didn’t want to use the good stuff…?


daviep t1_iuigflj wrote

This is right, someone stole a bag of trash from my car once. Just a big trash bag full of fast food bags and energy drink cans. I couldn't help but laugh.


Revolutionary-Copy71 t1_iuhsd21 wrote

I remember years and years ago, my car and around 20 others in my complex were broken into. Office management let me watch the security cam, and they were in and out of the complex parking lot in a couple mins. It was impressive. Infuriating, but I can't lie, also impressive.


Ouchyhurthurt t1_iui9s2d wrote

Oof. That blowwwwws. Now i kinda understand why some of those places have gates…


jupiterkansas t1_iuiaqbd wrote

meanwhile, everyone here responds with gut feelings and anecdotes.


TheGazelle t1_iujpp2g wrote

The funny part is op, who now has the top comment, must not have actually clicked the link.

Because the link is literally to a peer reviewed scientific paper in the journal of quantitative criminology that does statistical analysis of crime data compared to lighting data.

It's about as far from "gut feeling" as you can get. I think op maybe just read the title and responded with their gut feeling.

Though the title is a hilariously bad representation of the study in and of itself.


TJR406 t1_iui4rlr wrote

I had a buddy that did stupid shit when he got drunk. He'd just pull door handles until one opened and bum rushed grabbed what he could. Would check it out after


Ouchyhurthurt t1_iui9zpv wrote

I learned my lesson eventually. I stopped leaving anything in my car and just left it unlocked. It was a manual so nobody was gonna steal it or anything.


Cobra-D t1_iuiqth0 wrote

For a long time I didn’t lock my car door and people would be like “why don’t you lock your car door? Someone could steal your stuff”. I’m like, if they really wanted to steal it they just break the window, least this way i don’t have to worry about replacing it.


tmoney144 t1_iujemzc wrote

Had a friend that went to juvie for that. His biggest mistake was doing it at the same parking lot multiple times. Tried it one time and a cop was in the car waiting for him.


TbonerT t1_iuic4h8 wrote

On the other hand, I read a story here about a place that had a slight vandalism issue but it basically stopped when the area light on the wall burnt out and started up again after they replaced bulb.


TazBaz t1_iuisp4h wrote

Had that happen to my ex and I at a local gym one night. Us and the entire rest of the parking lot.


Combatical t1_iuil8tg wrote

Top comment here once again makes more sense than the massively upvoted post itself. Who are these people just upvoting posts without any critical thinking?


vagueblur901 t1_iujukbn wrote

There's been a ton of break ins a few blocks near my house, my city has cameras that are live and are watched by the police.

The crew that was breaking into 10-20 cars per night did it in both day and night and would use a van then bolt. They stopped with this neighborhood but moved onto others.

Day or night doesn't matter it's all about opportunity.


Ouchyhurthurt t1_iujvalf wrote

Damn, that sounds shitty.

They caught the guy and his crew that was stealing catalytic converters a little while back. Apparently it was a multi-million dollar setup and spanned from coast to coast, Portland to NY. You know somebody else just stepped into his role tho…


ithurtsus t1_iuk98aq wrote

I think it’s a misinterpretation of a finding

What they found was, turning off the street lights at night on a street decreased break-ins on that street.

But break-ins on adjacent streets increased (that left their lights on). And who knows what it did to other crimes / accidents.

Basically they went somewhere else and continued on their merry way


wednesdaytwelve t1_iugwf28 wrote

This study brought to you by
The Thieves.


Barbarossa7070 t1_iuj24zr wrote


Could you park in a dimly lit area so we can more easily steal your stuff?

Sincerely, The Thieves


Liesthroughisteeth t1_iugzimr wrote

Worked night shift at a large Canadian Grocery chain store from 11:00PM to 7:00AM. We had an electrical crew scheduled one night because they were having issue with the main power feed coming into the store.

As I pulled into the store parking lot it was black, no store lights no parking lot lights....nothing. I roll up and one of the guys I work with is being helped into the store. He had just been attacked by two guys as he was getting out of his car. They wanted the car and he didn't like that idea so they roughed him up some and pepper sprayed him right in the face and eyes. They didn't get the car though. :)

This was no coincidence this happened the only time this store and it's workers had been left outside in the dark. I had never ever seen any sign of or heard anything like this sort of thing at the store the in the 7 yeas I had been showing up there every night at 10:45 pm.

Shitheads love the dark. You want to keep shitheads away from your home, keep porch lights on, front and back and even better..... install motion sensor lights. :)


Kohouteky t1_iuh9cjl wrote

This sounds like some well-meaning but inadequately powered research.

Thieves don't like being seen. Cameras work better in lighted conditions. They know how to hide their own lights ;)


william-o t1_iuhie58 wrote

Should just retitle this "Suburban basement-dwelling keyboard warrior is a self-proclaimed expert on inner city crime."


Lr217 t1_iuibp3m wrote

Who is the basement dweller? The researchers who authored the paper OP is referencing? Plus this is a study based on the Thames Valley UK… who mentioned the inner city lol

What an aggressive comment that is seemingly totally irrelevant to this post


Kohouteky t1_iuhlcqq wrote

Should just retitle this "Basement dwelling troll who just posts his opinions of other people, adding little to a conversation."


jotyleon t1_iugwvz7 wrote

Did a thief post this?


Condrokz t1_iuhf8xl wrote

As someone working in security, I can say where I work this is false, crims scatter when the fog lights turn on. So make sure you get motion sensing lights, gets em good every time.


joemac5367 t1_iuhwmg4 wrote

Horseshit. Thieves like operating in the shadows.

A few seconds torchlight and then 1 minute looting the car.

"Hello police, there's a man breaking into a car now!"

"Can you describe him sir?"



obsertaries t1_iui6mbj wrote

It sounds like the study isn’t about arrest rates or anything like that.

If you’re right though, it’s another point that shows that arrests have no preventative effect on crime.


Zonerdrone t1_iuhwo8o wrote

Today you learned a dangerous lie that is going to get you and everyone you tell hurt. Stay in WELL LIT, WELL POPULATED areas to avoid being the victim of a crime.


fetishfeature5000 t1_iuhnp9v wrote

Alternately, doesn’t the light help prevent assaults?


unusedusername3 t1_iuhyri8 wrote

This was my thought. I don't keep valuables in my car. I'm the valuable thing I'm trying to protect by parking in a well lit area.


11iker t1_iugyn3x wrote

Mhm 🤨


manaworkin t1_iui82gz wrote

They also HATE it when you leave the doors unlocked and windows open.


evilpeter t1_iuhhs0j wrote

But it’s not “dark” places people try to avoid- it’s out of the way hidden places. Those tend to be dark, but people try not to park there because they think it’s easier for a theft to happen there without the thief being seen.


auntiepink t1_iuhqv6e wrote

Not worried about theft as much as someone hiding around or in my car.


ziyadah042 t1_iuhuqlf wrote

Thieves don't care about what's in the car. They just smash and grab. The reason to park in a brightly lit lot isn't to protect your car or what's in it, it's to protect YOU on the way to your car at the end of the night.


Just_OneReason t1_iuhhez1 wrote

Only time my car was “broken” into (left it unlocked) and had stuff stolen was when the streetlight in front of my house was burned out.


froghorse3345 t1_iuhrhhv wrote

This is why Batman parks his car in a cave.


mostlygray t1_iuhsduh wrote

No one ever breaks into my POS minivan. I feel so left out. I wish someone would steal it but I'm afraid they'd bring it back once they drive it.

It really doesn't matter where you park. If someone wants to steal something, they're in and out and less than 30 seconds. Honestly, these days what's in a car worth stealing? No one has aftermarket stereos any more.


Skankcunt420 t1_iuhsnuf wrote

Thieves don’t care if the crime only takes 2 min. Gives them time to get the heck out

Source: SWIM


wineandhugs t1_iuihzdm wrote

I live in South Africa and I'm a single female, no way am I parking in a dimly-lit area.


LipTrev t1_iuhdil0 wrote

Following this logic, most crime must occur during daylight hours.

It may be that that is true.


Xywzel t1_iui53y0 wrote

Well homes are more likely to be empty when people are in school or work than when they are sleeping, so break-ins to private properties might be more common at day time. Then all the white collar crime, tax frauds, bribes and such sound like day time activities. Picking pockets or scamming tourists is not really possible when there are no tourists, and your price is better if someone else did not get them already, so also mostly day time, unless operating in bars and clubs. Domestic violence, likely mostly after work evening time. Sure there are things like smuggling over land borders that might be easier at dark, but there are also lots of types that would be lot more likely at day time. Can't know without actual numbers though.


khaeen t1_iujrrwl wrote

Most crime happens when the opportunity is available. So warmer weather meaning the criminal is out and about, ease of target, availability of things to justify going out at X time, etc. There's going to be a lot more night time crime in an area full of bars and clubs vs a subdivision surrounded by subdivisions.


KypDurron t1_iujczzi wrote

Best time to rob houses in Skyrim is the middle of the day.


Xywzel t1_iui02u9 wrote

"Spatial and Temporal Displacement Remains a Concern", whut?


obsertaries t1_iui6e9v wrote

They mean that car thieves will just choose some other street or other time to steal cars.


Xywzel t1_iuibi7l wrote

Oh, yeah, that does make sense, it just sounded like you can avoid having your stereo stolen, but your car might end up in yesterday.


obsertaries t1_iuiiirf wrote

Yeah sci-fi has conditioned us to associate “temporal” with time travel.


Xywzel t1_iuilecs wrote

I still understand "temporal" as "related to time", but "temporal displacement" gets to that scifi range.


obsertaries t1_iuilszj wrote

In linguistics I’ve heard that expression used a few times. All kinds of other living things have ways to communicate with each other, but human language is one of the very few that can communicate about temporal or spacial displacement, i.e. you can talk about things that the listener can’t see in exactly that place and time, like what you had for breakfast this morning or what the weather is like in Alaska right now.

It was originally believe they only human language can do this, but now it seems that bee dances have that function as well.


JosZo OP t1_iui9xqh wrote

Same crime, but on a different place, at a different time


Kevin_Wolf t1_iuie3rz wrote

Because dome lights don't turn on automatically when you open the door or anything.


WolfThick t1_iuii4hf wrote

What if they want to steal your catalytic converter does it still hold up.


TGrady902 t1_iuj6m03 wrote

Tell that to all the cars with no tires who park in the area of my old apartment complex where the lights didn’t work. I only had mine slashed, not stolen!


Vlacas12 t1_iuguncv wrote

It doesn't read anywhere in the article that offenders don't like to use lights.

"Artificial light introduced to the crime scene signals unusual activity to potential guardians and invites unwanted attention which the offenders may not feel comfortable risking. The costs of committing vehicle crime on unlit streets are therefore higher than elsewhere."

This is the only part I could find that talks about the offenders using artificial light and it doesn't say anything about them not liking to use lights, only that the risk of being discovered outweighs the possible benefits, which has nothing to do with the personal preference of the offenders to use or not use artificial lightning.


JosZo OP t1_iugw9vh wrote

Isn't this just semantics? Don't doing something out of fear isn't the same as don't wanting to do something, but the outcome is the same, don't doing it out of preferences.


Vlacas12 t1_iugwwgb wrote

No, it's not the same. Not doing something out if fear of discovery has nothing to do with it being a preference, an inside factor of the offender that doesn't change the outcome, but it being a necessity to not to be discovered, which does potentially change the outcome and is guided by outside factors.


foomy45 t1_iugx6uf wrote

They prefer to not be discovered, therfore they like doing stuff that doesn't lead to that.


Firebug160 t1_iugyq3u wrote

You’re being nitpicky. You probably are salty about misinterpreting the title and are taking it out on OP. Yes the wording is ambiguous. No they aren’t wrong. Thieves don’t like using lights bc it causes suspicion. Don’t be a dick


mr_friend_computer t1_iuhp1g9 wrote

The thing is, breaking into cars is usually done either in secluded places where a flash light won't be seen (secluded as in, farther side of the parking lot or otherwise far enough away from prying eyes) or at a time when most people aren't otherwise up and about.

You don't see too many sprees during the day (barring a remote/unmonitored location), although a smash and grab can easily happen any time.


XG2L5TM3WK t1_iui7ugi wrote

By parking in the light the owner can see anybody coming at them and the video cameras have a better chance of capturing an event


Lr217 t1_iuibfzf wrote

Do I believe this study, or random redditors anecdotes about their cousin who got robbed once?


Surprise_Corgi t1_iuibhfv wrote

It makes a huge caveat in the conclusion that it's possible thieves just can't see into the cars while they're in darkness, to know if it's worth it. The 'spatial and temporal' displacement of moving on to the next set of potential marks.


DraslinHDF t1_iujabbs wrote

Tell me you've never been to oakland without saying you've never been to oakland.


Marconidas t1_iuk9umt wrote

I've slept in the car in the street like 2 times. Did not get robbed but not exactly a comfortable experience.


Heliolord t1_iuhtc6f wrote

I want the lighted area so I can see them. I need to know what I'm aiming at.