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Funkybeatzzz t1_isb38re wrote

The milk has the same consistency as cottage cheese, too.


persondude27 OP t1_isb3dge wrote

And honestly probably tastes like fish.



Funkybeatzzz t1_isb3uq3 wrote

And now I’m reliving the pickled herring in mayonnaise that I ate in Norway.


gasparaspo t1_isb8esv wrote

For reference, a blue whale calf weighs about 15,000 pounds. So 8 pounds is 0.05% of its body weight.


persondude27 OP t1_isbc4zu wrote

That... almost makes it seem reasonable! 21 feet long at birth, so basically the size of a Ford F-350 pickup.


NinDiGu t1_isbr0it wrote

Humans can gain and lose up to 5% of their body weight in a day depending on their intake and exertion.

Professional athletes are on that extreme, and more current trainer care makes it less likely, but American Football Lineman, and professional Hockey goalies can swing up 10lbs/5kg of body weight during a game.


McMacHack t1_isdawki wrote

That's some premium American measurements there


jjpenguins66 t1_isblyc6 wrote

8 lbs an hour? I've done that... :)


Jinm409 t1_isbx2xr wrote

Same here during eggnog season. And guess what's just around the corner. Sigh.


madmurphywashere t1_isb1asm wrote

So they are drinking about 20 lbs of milk an hour Imagine gaining half the weight of your food while swimming all day


jiub_the_dunmer t1_isclj5v wrote

Eating a massive calories surplus and constantly exercising is a pretty great way to put on mass


llihcruhcnosaj t1_isb0xbb wrote

Man, I thought I was the only thing that could gain 8 pounds an hour.


NinDiGu t1_isbr3ch wrote

Drink a gallon of water and anyone can.


Youpunyhumans t1_isbgpxd wrote

1 pound every 7 mins and 30 seconds. Thats some insane growth.

Another way to look at is 1 gram of weight added per second.


Milnoc t1_isca02k wrote

And mommy has to produce those 60 gallons of milk each day!


gamespite t1_iscp36v wrote

New Thanksgiving dinner goals


Superlite47 t1_isd3pcm wrote

Milk weighs about 8 ½lbs per gallon. If the're drinking 60 gallons a day...

That's around +/- 500 lbs. -> about 2.5 gallons per hour.

How do they calculate the 8lbs. gained per hour when they're gaining 17lbs of weight in milk per hour? Is that in addition to, or inclusive of the milk weight they are gaining?


jtgreen76 t1_isdoay5 wrote

Whale milk is considerably different from cow milk


Lamb_clothing_94 t1_isd7b78 wrote

Not gonna lie I read “calves” as in the leg muscle and was very confused how a mammal with only vestigial leg bones had such hearty appetites


slightlypunny t1_iswuxz7 wrote

Googles: whale nursing (images)


persondude27 OP t1_isxfzir wrote

There's lots of logistics this made me curious about that I'm not about to be searching on a work computer...