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CheckOutDisMuthaFuka t1_iu2rask wrote

Are lambskin condoms even still a thing? I remember hearing they were terrible when I was a kid..... Many, many, many years ago

Edit: many


Do-ya-like-Baileys t1_iu3dvof wrote

They feel way better than regular condoms. They feel like almost nothing. They’re good for monogamous couples who are only concerned with pregnancy, not STDs. They’re super expensive though.


JadedSociopath t1_iu3wa6v wrote

What? You can actually buy them? In 2022?


bmeupsctty t1_iu4aawp wrote

Latex allergies my dude


dynodick t1_iubdro0 wrote

They make much more common and popular non-latex alternatives


jaimechandra t1_iu4i90y wrote

Yup, sure can buy them in many places They’re great!


JadedSociopath t1_iu4jg08 wrote

Is this just a USA thing? I’ve never heard of this before.


mLOVEaMIDNIGHTitdotc t1_iu6gx0f wrote

I’d argue they felt disgusting and smelled horrible - maybe I had a bad brand! Lol


Do-ya-like-Baileys t1_iu79etv wrote

They definitely have a smell, I don’t think it’s bad though, just weird. I would assume they could smell bad if they were stored improperly or old. I think they feel better probably because they transfer heat better and they feel more natural because they are made out of actual organic material.


StoryAndAHalf t1_iu305or wrote

I heard of them before, and I always assumed they were used by people allergic to latex.


CoolHandRK1 t1_iu4eem9 wrote

My wife is allergic to latex. Back when we were dating I used Polyurethane condoms instead.


bigbbypddingsnatchr OP t1_iu2rkhz wrote

Terrible? No. Except they don't protect against STDs. Lol.


CheckOutDisMuthaFuka t1_iu2sfuo wrote

That's.... Pretty terrible if you ask me.

But I do also recall hearing that they were subpar as birth control as well. But that's 100% anecdotal.

My point being why would people bother buying them when there are superior and easy to get latex condoms? Is there some other benefit that I'm not aware of?


bigbbypddingsnatchr OP t1_iu2su5n wrote

Bc many people are allergic to latex ....

And lambskin condoms are thinner and transmit heat better.


unknownentity1782 t1_iu3k9am wrote

> Is there some other benefit that I'm not aware of?

They feel better.

My wife doesn't do well with any female contraceptives, and so instead of making her suffer, I wear condoms. I have no fear of STI's, so that detractor is out. If both stop pregnancy, I'm going to go with the one that feels better.

Or in my case, the one I can afford, so I still use latex. But, if I could afford it, I'd switch.


jaimechandra t1_iu4ify4 wrote

Latex allergy. Wanting to actually feel sex. Those who don’t want kids right now who are in fluid bonded relationships.