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ChevExpressMan t1_iscjdlx wrote

On April 27, 1861, Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus between Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia to give military authorities the necessary power to silence dissenters and rebels. Under this order, commanders could arrest and detain individuals who were deemed threatening to military operations.


ChevExpressMan t1_iscjghd wrote

I knew Lincoln had suspended it, but never knew why..


SourKangaroo95 t1_isdkgjg wrote

Cause otherwise washington dc would have been completely surrounded by confederate states. Virginia and Maryland


Efficient-Library792 t1_iu2yifa wrote

He..sortof had to..and this also isnt unusual. In fact jefferson...the man behind the bill of rights...tried to have his politocall enemies arrested when he was president. Constitutional rights tend to go poof during all wars especially large ones. Youll notice dissent flat put isnt tolerated.


NemosGhost t1_iscnhw4 wrote

He was a tyrant.

Not only did he ignore the SCOTUS, he actually attempted to have the Chief Justice arrested.


amanamongbotss t1_isco1fn wrote

One of the rare examples of the benevolent dictator. /s

He wasn’t a tyrant- he was elected democratically, and while “ignoring the Supreme Court” seems bad, considering our current SCROTUS, I think there are obviously times where ignoring them is probably better for the country. More often than not, even, as they’re usually behind the times (dred Scott?).

Out of curiosity was it the same Supreme Court that issued the dred Scott ruling? Cause yea- I’d have them arrested too.

Edit: yes, this was the Supreme Court Chief Justice that wrote that people of African descent weren’t citizens of the US and therefore claim none of the rights and privileges of Americans.

Taney, the Chief Justice, was a racist POS that stood in the way of progress. I understand that it is philosophically dangerous to argue a president should arrest or ignore another branch of government, for obvious reasons, but- I’m making an exception here with the benefit of hindsight. Fuck that SCOTUS.


ChipsAloy80 t1_iscq4f8 wrote

Ex parte Merryman was not a Supreme Court case and the only source for Taney Arrest Warrant is a discredited Ward Layman post war account.


NemosGhost t1_iscvqi8 wrote

> discredited

It was never discredited. Lincoln lovers just don't like facts.


amanamongbotss t1_isd94u7 wrote

Lol “Lincoln lovers?” He is considered the best US President. Most of America loves him. He preserved the union.

You must be a salty southerner


Dawnawaken92 t1_isf15y0 wrote

Dude seriously. Shut up.


NemosGhost t1_isf5mbf wrote

Don't like facts either huh?


Pumpkin_Creepface t1_ishmz2l wrote

What makes you think any of this is a good debate strategy?


NemosGhost t1_iso8tca wrote

What makes people like you think this is a debate?


Pumpkin_Creepface t1_isogaur wrote

I dunno, it seems to me you're trying to convince people of some bullshit, you can't have your position challenged? What makes you so special Mr. Two Scoops?


NemosGhost t1_isoix62 wrote

It seems to me you don't get it. And I don't care.

You can debate the Earth being flat all you want, but it will still be round. Facts are facts whether you like them or not.

Good day sir.


Dawnawaken92 t1_isjv7jh wrote

Keep getting downvoted. And all ur facts are wrong lmfao


jdkeldpxonene t1_isdt57d wrote

If only we had more SCOTUS' like that this would be a way better country


Tiabb t1_isdiedr wrote

The man kept the US from splintering. A tyrant doesn't give up power, which Lincoln was fully prepared to do if he lost the election.

Stop using words you don't understand.


NemosGhost t1_isdj3xs wrote

I feel sorry for your parents.


Tiabb t1_isdj67a wrote

And I feel sorry for your last remaining brain cell, must be lonely.


Efficient-Library792 t1_iu2xcsi wrote

I feel sorry for you little nazi. Uneducated incompetant and so insecure tou blame poc


NemosGhost t1_iu6883t wrote

>Uneducated incompetant and so insecure tou blame poc




Efficient-Library792 t1_iu6yj8c wrote

Back to the drivethru window boy you already get $$$$ of my taxes every april at least get me my fries


NemosGhost t1_iu70czq wrote

I am making money off your family, but what can I say. Your mom is a good earner and since her teeth fell out I'm told she gives the best bj's in town.


Efficient-Library792 t1_iu7p4b3 wrote

Yawn. So youre not only a racist loser youre apparently 13 as well.


NemosGhost t1_iuabue6 wrote

Wrong on every account kid. Now go get your shinebox and fuck off.

It's been fun, but not that fun.

Bye now.


TUGrad t1_iscr6rs wrote

Was FDR also a tyrant.


NemosGhost t1_iscvuzp wrote

Did he arrest hundreds, if not thousands, of judges, politicians and journalists just for disagreeing with him or having a bad opinion of him?


ChevExpressMan t1_isd3qzu wrote

Nope, he suspected thecitizrn of Japanese descent to be traitors and rounded them up into internment camps.


NemosGhost t1_isd3xsa wrote

that's not very good either.


ChevExpressMan t1_isd4i1q wrote

True, he was racist. Very interesting passage in the book "The G.I. War" a lieutenant at the Japanese embassy remarked how the Japanese who'd come to America, were so devoted to a country, even though, their birthright was Japanese.


RockYourWorld31 t1_ise1ytx wrote

Not quite.

Executive Order 9066 authorized the military to keep "enemy aliens" - Italians, Germans and Japanese - out of areas of military importance. The general assigned to the west coast for this purpose, General DeWitt, was a huge racist and took the opportunity to declare almost all of the West Coast an area of military importance, and this imprison almost all of the Japanese-Americans loving there in concentration camps.


PicardTangoAlpha t1_isee3a7 wrote

Found the Lincoln-hating MAGA netk00k.


NemosGhost t1_isf5akm wrote

Fuck Trump, but only an idiot would not realize that what Lincoln did was a million times worse than anything Trump ever did.


Efficient-Library792 t1_iu2xlf7 wrote

Lincoln didnt try to overthrow a democratically elected federal government...he in fact did the opposite


NemosGhost t1_iu68e4p wrote

Dumbass. Lincoln absolutely overthrew multiple democratically elected governments. He killed the better part of a million people in the process.


Efficient-Library792 t1_iu6ycnt wrote

No beta he didnt. I understand youre ignorant of that as you couldnt even manage a ged and blame poc for the fact youre a failure.

Now please go get a job im tired of you getting $$$$ you didnt pay in every april out of my taxes


NemosGhost t1_iu6zyha wrote

Nice try at projection bitch boy. I'm pretty sure they tax your welfare and food stamps though.


Efficient-Library792 t1_iu7p9g7 wrote

lmfao poor kid. I literally pay more in taxes than youll ever make kid. Oh i know i know its "them immergants n black pipples and dem eleets with ther fayuncy edukashuns". Back to stormfront with you


jeef16 t1_isdn973 wrote

ahh lincoln, always thinking through 95% of the problem


RichardTitball t1_iseknw0 wrote

The various Lincoln Civil War Supreme Court cases are rad. Supreme Court basically ruled “Lincoln is too based for due process” like a half dozen times.


Efficient-Library792 t1_iu2xqlx wrote

It also ruled against him. He just ignored it. Lawyers and historians have pointed out countless times that the courts only true power is it's credibility


Efficient-Library792 t1_iu2y21n wrote

So's a nifty note. Because of the ruling removing the courts power over extraterritorial military bases..if a lawyer attempted to file something in a guantanamo or othe non territorial base the military could legally imprison them. Even execute them. Unfortunately the courts will go to ludicrous extremes to give the .mil and intel agencies more power during "war time"