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NemosGhost t1_iscvuzp wrote

Did he arrest hundreds, if not thousands, of judges, politicians and journalists just for disagreeing with him or having a bad opinion of him?


ChevExpressMan t1_isd3qzu wrote

Nope, he suspected thecitizrn of Japanese descent to be traitors and rounded them up into internment camps.


NemosGhost t1_isd3xsa wrote

that's not very good either.


ChevExpressMan t1_isd4i1q wrote

True, he was racist. Very interesting passage in the book "The G.I. War" a lieutenant at the Japanese embassy remarked how the Japanese who'd come to America, were so devoted to a country, even though, their birthright was Japanese.


RockYourWorld31 t1_ise1ytx wrote

Not quite.

Executive Order 9066 authorized the military to keep "enemy aliens" - Italians, Germans and Japanese - out of areas of military importance. The general assigned to the west coast for this purpose, General DeWitt, was a huge racist and took the opportunity to declare almost all of the West Coast an area of military importance, and this imprison almost all of the Japanese-Americans loving there in concentration camps.