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Lamacorn t1_isdkuma wrote

Are you trying to say I am a joke?

I am clearly a majestic creature that demands significant respect.

My fluffy white coat.

My rainbow main and tail.

My golden horn.

My slightly flares nostrils and buck teeth.

Your eyes will never feast on something as glorious as me.


FireyFrost34 t1_isdmmdo wrote


Princess Celestia shows up.


Lamacorn t1_isdmu4j wrote

I will allow a close second

What she lacks in fluffiness, she makes up. For in wings.


wildfire2501 t1_isedh2u wrote

I'll allow it but only with your current profile pic displayed in full colour, at least 10 by 10 feet


minus_minus t1_isdqh03 wrote

Are you sure? Your avatar looks like Putin getting made up for a drag show.