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StoryAndAHalf OP t1_ispm8zy wrote


haladura t1_ispyda4 wrote

The real MVP!! As soon as I read the headline, I had to wonder how much Earth loses each year. Net gain? Net loss?

According to Universe Today:

"The Earth’s mass is 5.9736 x 1024 kg. That’s a big number, so let’s write it out in full: 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. You could also say the Earth’s mass is 5.9 sextillion tonnes."

So this is a tiny tiny fraction of the total.


Ameisen t1_isu0dr0 wrote

Net loss. ~100,000 tons lost (atmospheric escape), 45,000 tons gained.


MadeItMatter t1_istwjmy wrote

The Earth gains 500k new humans, and looses 300k, for a net gain of 200k Humans every 24hours, Is the Earth getting Heavier Every Moment?, in basically all the same geographic regions?_Including moving more concrete to those places, concentrating the effect, also, more humans,buildings vehicles and cargo all congeal to that same space! Think that might effect fault lines?! Just a thought? 🌐


Ameisen t1_isu07bx wrote

No. Earth does not gain mass when humans increase in number.


Dicska t1_isslq33 wrote

I was wondering about the composition of this dust, but apart from

>The ablated metallic vapours oxidize and the resulting metal oxides, hydroxides and carbonates condense into nm-sized particles termed meteoric smoke (Plane et al., 2015).

I couldn't really find anything more specific, but I do concede that I just scrolled through it. Is there anything I missed there?