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hoarder59 t1_ispne0k wrote

The absolutely best explanation of space dust from astronaut Chris Hadfield. He is my forever hero just for this clip.


funkboxing t1_ispsqlb wrote

Mega-Maid was originally designed to vacuum space-dust but the Spaceballs had other ideas.


j-random t1_ispoilb wrote

"It's free real estate"


[deleted] t1_ispmtoo wrote

Apparently all at once into my front entryway


StoryAndAHalf OP t1_ispm8zy wrote


haladura t1_ispyda4 wrote

The real MVP!! As soon as I read the headline, I had to wonder how much Earth loses each year. Net gain? Net loss?

According to Universe Today:

"The Earth’s mass is 5.9736 x 1024 kg. That’s a big number, so let’s write it out in full: 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. You could also say the Earth’s mass is 5.9 sextillion tonnes."

So this is a tiny tiny fraction of the total.


Ameisen t1_isu0dr0 wrote

Net loss. ~100,000 tons lost (atmospheric escape), 45,000 tons gained.


MadeItMatter t1_istwjmy wrote

The Earth gains 500k new humans, and looses 300k, for a net gain of 200k Humans every 24hours, Is the Earth getting Heavier Every Moment?, in basically all the same geographic regions?_Including moving more concrete to those places, concentrating the effect, also, more humans,buildings vehicles and cargo all congeal to that same space! Think that might effect fault lines?! Just a thought? 🌐


Ameisen t1_isu07bx wrote

No. Earth does not gain mass when humans increase in number.


Dicska t1_isslq33 wrote

I was wondering about the composition of this dust, but apart from

>The ablated metallic vapours oxidize and the resulting metal oxides, hydroxides and carbonates condense into nm-sized particles termed meteoric smoke (Plane et al., 2015).

I couldn't really find anything more specific, but I do concede that I just scrolled through it. Is there anything I missed there?


JimProphet t1_isq2w9p wrote

Whoa, that's more than 5000 tons.


RandomChurn t1_ispn3ac wrote

"We are star dust .." 🎼🎶


Dr_Sigmund_Fried t1_ispno25 wrote

And over the course of 365 days means I am forever vacuuming.


FreneticPlatypus t1_ispz9vq wrote

While that's a lot of dust, I think it's a net loss annually considering how much of the atmosphere we lose to space every day.


Cetun t1_issxhgv wrote

On the scale of the entire Earth that actually doesn't seem like very much dust at all especially considering that's spread out throughout the entire world and the amount of space the Earth flies through. Considering every year over 6,000 meteors reach the ground, and the inner solar system is probably still filled with dust from extra planetary collisions and solar winds, you would think that number would be higher.


FreneticPlatypus t1_isszl6m wrote

Honestly for me, masses and distances and numbers that big are beyond comprehension. The article could give any number and I probably wouldn’t argue it.


Fallacy_Spotted t1_isqvey1 wrote

Several hundred tons < 5200 tons of dust. While the Earth does lose a lot of mass from solar erosion it will still gain more from dust each year.


PA2SK t1_isr46dn wrote

The earth loses around 90 tons of atmosphere per day. That's about 32,850 tons per year. Overall the earth is shrinking.


BigBeard77 t1_isr3n8s wrote

Several hundred tons (of oxygen) a day > 5200 tons of dust each year


A_Vandalay t1_isrb7u5 wrote

Most of the gas lost to space is hydrogen and helium. Due to its lower molar mass it is much easier for these molecules to reach escape velocity.


dh561996 t1_isqeq7f wrote

Does this make the planet bigger over time?


Allan53 t1_isrlrru wrote

"Does my planet look big in this?"


PA2SK t1_isr3usm wrote

It does but the earth loses more atmosphere. Overall the earth shrinks a little bit every day.


Atlhou t1_ispnchg wrote

And now in my vacuum.


jomon21 t1_isqn6ox wrote

This explains why my car is so dirt


stephenpoet t1_isqpckw wrote

So I'm hoovering cosmic material every day? Blimey, it's like God's dandruff.


rasthomas01 t1_isqrbw0 wrote

...and most of it is in my basement.


25_Shmeckles_ t1_isr0av5 wrote



MagicalSpacePope t1_isrb2nd wrote

Wife said this explains why the house is so dusty all the time. 😀


Salmol1na t1_isrzrbq wrote

Last year was only 5199


OmiNya t1_iss5fq5 wrote

At least 1/3 ends up in my PC


Godtiermasturbator t1_istdvz8 wrote

And most of it became the sparkle in your eyes sweetie


Much-War-6203 t1_isu5kmv wrote

I have feeling most of it fall into my is always so damn dusty.


A40 t1_isptvh6 wrote

Tell me about it! Every day I have to sweep it away!


[deleted] t1_isq6t6y wrote

Wait until the activists hear about this one


frealfr t1_isq4bsb wrote

Where covid came from.


[deleted] t1_istxryc wrote



Ameisen t1_isu0mg5 wrote

You posted this same nonsense twice.


MadeItMatter t1_isua0qf wrote

Bcz I was used to YT where you have Comment and Reply' to some one else 'sections, so i just left the comment.Then copied to the main section, though, Thank you ,Im better versed In the Reddit functions' better now?_ So' How is 1.2 Million pounds a day per 6pound average birth, in gains, 'to simplify it' via more birth rates than loses, not a gain state? Im just using basic math right? The oceans loose water weight, and gain it back, the deserts just transfer dust. forest's burn up, then regrow' If im incorrect? then there's that' _Tell Me' What's the 'Comment Section For? If there's a problem?


Ameisen t1_isul3la wrote

I have... so much trouble reading this since it's just a mess of punctuation marks and other grammar issues - you don't have to write perfectly, but at least put some effort into it.

> How is 1.2 Million pounds a day per 6pound average birth, in gains, 'to simplify it' via more birth rates than loses, not a gain state?

When a baby is born, do you believe that the mass just comes into existence? The Earth loses significantly more mass due to atmospheric escape than it gains via dust and meteorites. It gains significant energy from the Sun via sunlight, which can be bound into states (via photosynthesis, for instance) which does have a notable effect on things, though. However, most of the matter even in a tree is derived basically from the carbon in the atmosphere.


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Ameisen t1_isvtsjv wrote

What ungodly writing demon have you awakened?



[deleted] t1_isw2n8t wrote



Ameisen t1_iswh3fp wrote

Yeah, I still can't understand what you're writing.

It reminds of stereotypical serial killer letters.


darthshaver t1_ispyfkm wrote

Sourced from the Department of Pulling Numbers Out Of Your Ass


Vlad_the_Homeowner t1_isq3ira wrote

>A total of 1280 unmelted micrometeorites (uMMs) and 808 cosmic spherules (CSs) with diameters ranging from 30 to 350 μm were identified. Within that size range, we measured mass fluxes of 3.0 μg.m−2.yr−1 for uMMs and 5.6 μg.m−2.yr−1 for CSs. Extrapolated to the global flux of particles in the 12-700 μm diameter range, the mass flux of dust at Earth's surface is 5200 tons.yr−1 ( 1600 and 3600 tons.yr−1 of uMMs and CSs, respectively).



CyclingDutchie t1_ispp26h wrote

bullshit. outerspace is fake. Check out r/globeskeptic


anomnnomnom t1_ispvopy wrote

Do you really believe that? I've never come across someone who believes that before.


CyclingDutchie t1_ispwr6i wrote

yup. outerspace is fake. this is what earth really looks like;


anomnnomnom t1_isq6jwj wrote

I'd want to see the edges personally before I'd believe that.


CyclingDutchie t1_isq6z3l wrote there is an ice wall at the edge.


ididntsaygoyet t1_isqeij3 wrote

You can't be this dumb. You just can't. I refuse to believe people try to be the stupidest in the world. It has to be a troll.


Allan53 t1_isrly1s wrote

I suspect troll


Masterjts t1_isru59e wrote

I have faith in humanities vast stupidness. Why attribute malice to that which can be explained by really stupid.


Allan53 t1_isrxxyg wrote

Granted, but since we know trolls are both real and common on the internet generally and reddit specifically, I think "troll" should be the primary explanation


CyclingDutchie t1_isqfm8v wrote

Im no troll. The world is flat. Look on r/globeskeptic. im not stupid, either. I studied to be history teacher for 3 years, before going into a successful family business.


anomnnomnom t1_isqohsf wrote

Wheres the edge like the drop of into space? Thats just a cliff.


CyclingDutchie t1_iss28px wrote

there is no outerspace beyond the dome. There is no outerspace.