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AltairsBlade t1_iu3i0zo wrote

This is why you will see some YouTubers clap at the beginning of videos.


Rickie_Spanish t1_iu3jpfo wrote


Garper t1_iu3kxxh wrote

I see tom Scott and I think "eh do I really want to watch a 15 minute video about dutch bridges or youtubers clapping?" but somehow I always do, and I always enjoy it...


JeddHampton t1_iu46xx1 wrote

I was hoping this would be Tom Scott. His videos are great.


TheMoskus t1_iu3kzxh wrote

I was expecting the background to turn off and show a green screen behind him.


mastrkief t1_iu4m6qn wrote

Doesn't explain why they don't just start the YouTube video a second later.


zebrastarz t1_iu4ntnm wrote

A lot of the times they do, but for at least some creators there is energy before they want to capture as a lead in