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PushingAndShovingYou t1_iy4oyrs wrote

Indonesia's island of Java is pretty big, there could be more rhinos unaccounted for but they're too small to find on my desk globe.


Trgnv3 t1_iy98jp2 wrote

Java is insanely populated though. If the rhinos lived on Borneo or Sumatra, they probably would be in a much better condition.


MightGuy420x OP t1_iy4oclw wrote

The decline of Javan rhinos is attributed to poaching, primarily for their horns, which are highly valued in traditional Chinese medicine, fetching as much as US$30,000 per kg on the black market. As European presence in their range increased, trophy hunting also became a serious threat. Loss of habitat, especially as the result of wars, such as the Vietnam War, in Southeast Asia, has also contributed to the species' decline and hindered recovery.


RedSonGamble t1_iy5c677 wrote

Rhinos are the tanks of animals


NaweN t1_iy6r9ms wrote

Indonesia you say. Where abouts......exactly? Muahahahaha


plague681 t1_iy5qh81 wrote

Just bring em on over to Yellowstone. Build a fucking truckload of shelters for the winters. They'll make a come back.


herbw t1_iy4rk9r wrote


AntheaBrainhooke t1_iy4t7ah wrote

OP was talking about Javan rhinos. Sumatran rhinos are not Javan rhinos.


herbw t1_iy50t4k wrote

Narrow tunnel vision as usual.


sylvesterkun t1_iy5i1pj wrote

r/confidently incorrect

There are 5 species of rhinos, 2 native to Africa and 3 native to Southeast Asia. The Javan rhino is a different species than the Sumatran rhino. Here's a link if you don't believe me.


herbw t1_iy6lbj2 wrote

Most all of the world's rhinos are in Indonesia. Sumatra bornea (few #'s), the SE asian population are too few to propagate.

african population rapidly dying out as rhino horns believed by too many to be as good as Viagra. I don't think you really have a full picture of the rhinos going rapidly into extinction from human pressures. The current small herds are the last, outside of zoos, and those fail due to inbreeding.


sylvesterkun t1_iy6pzqe wrote

Are you embarrassed to admit your mistake or are you just stupid? OP talked about Javan rhinos, to which you basically said "bro, there's more than 70 of them" and linked to an article about Sumatran rhinos, an entirely separate species, as if they were being stupid.