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herbw t1_iy6lbj2 wrote

Most all of the world's rhinos are in Indonesia. Sumatra bornea (few #'s), the SE asian population are too few to propagate.

african population rapidly dying out as rhino horns believed by too many to be as good as Viagra. I don't think you really have a full picture of the rhinos going rapidly into extinction from human pressures. The current small herds are the last, outside of zoos, and those fail due to inbreeding.


sylvesterkun t1_iy6pzqe wrote

Are you embarrassed to admit your mistake or are you just stupid? OP talked about Javan rhinos, to which you basically said "bro, there's more than 70 of them" and linked to an article about Sumatran rhinos, an entirely separate species, as if they were being stupid.