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HPmoni t1_ix9ft78 wrote

Don't trust those bastards. They will rip your face off.


SEND_PUNS_PLZ t1_ix981cs wrote

Real Bored Apes are non-fungibbons


MickeyMouseRapedMe t1_ix7krmq wrote

As a Dutch person where the most wildest specie you'd normally could encounter would probably be a stray cat, ow and we have a pack of wolves that migrated from Germany some year ago after they left (being hunted) our country over a century ago, any exotic looking anymore looks endangered to me.

I guess that for real the most dangerous animal would be a little snake, no maybe it's actually the stray cat cutting you up when they'd want to when I had to avoid one of the two when they are in attack mode. Or a bull/cow storming at you. Dunno, one of those is all I could think of now. Can't imagine having to constantly be aware of snakes above me in a tree or a shark being maybe 10 feet from me. I guess you get used at it, like on holiday it's not my mind, but checking my shoes before putting them on does make me aware of course.

Quick search and a reputable source in general, the Guardian has an article that claims; Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970, report finds) of species have been wiped out by human kind.

But I was thinking about an episode of Stuff You Should Know about the spread and continuing danger of invasive species (so, not just animals, but plants, bacteria etc.), pretty interesting episode for the ones not familiar with that podcast

Edit: Thought of one more 'dangerous' animal in the Netherlands, buzzard attacks Lastly, this Dutch biologist had a special relationship with some zoo-chimps, the leader of the group was an old female, named Mama and over the years I would see him and these chimps every now and then. Mama was about to pass away and that footage of him calming her made me feel real sad. Here's a bit of that, she's was 59 year old there


HyenaJack94 OP t1_ix8vmx8 wrote

What does this has to do with anything not showing exotic animals in unnatural situations in media?


Unhelpful_Applause t1_ix8t0wc wrote

That’s subjective


HyenaJack94 OP t1_ix8vi16 wrote

How is this subjective?


Unhelpful_Applause t1_ixai2cr wrote

Did you read the abstract? It’s an opinion that peoples exposure to chimps in media correlates to a knowledge of their status on the endangered species list.


HyenaJack94 OP t1_ixaqp9i wrote

It’s not an opinion, and that’s not what they were testing, they were testing to see if people, initially unaware of how endangered chimps really are, became more aware and more willing to donate to their protection depending on the media they watched. The survey they used purposefully disguised the reason why they watched the videos. People who watched Hollywood chimps consistently thought they were less endangered and were suitable as pets than they actually are, especially when compared to the people who watched the conservation video.