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thetrollking69 t1_iyaszy5 wrote

Except when your cocaine tells you everything is fine then gives you the silent treatment for the next few hours, you don't get upset, you just wonder why your cocaine could talk in the first place.


[deleted] t1_iyatny9 wrote

When your cocaine is actually PCP


Llamadmiral t1_iycg5no wrote

And you traded your wife and kids as collateral for a gallon, and now you need to get back just in time, atleast for the kids


Ecstatic-Dog4021 t1_iyazmp0 wrote

Or Fentenyl


Budget_Shift t1_iyazzey wrote

With Fent you'll get the silent treatment from your heart and have a conversation with God


Mcgruphat t1_iybam59 wrote

Fentanyl is just a super strong opiate, not a hallucinogen


Ecstatic-Dog4021 t1_iycqg9h wrote

I mentioned it because chances are you get that instead of blow, it's gonna kill you.


lookslikesausage t1_iybkbti wrote

what's up with a lot of people calling it "FENTIN-NOL" now?


DryEyes4096 t1_iycw8uh wrote

Not Chicago people called "heroin" "hehr-ahn" in some neighborhoods for a while, like maybe 20 years ago. I think drug users just get tired of calling drugs the same thing over and over again since they talk about them so much.


butwhyisitso t1_iyawe84 wrote

I'm just high on wife.


WrongSubFools t1_iybpzoq wrote

Hilariously misleading article.

The study tested 15 college kids. it studied whether thinking of their romantic partner reduced their pain and changed how they perform mental tasks. It did not compare these results against the students taking cocaine and in fact does not even mention cocaine.

Did the kids experience less pain? Yes. Through the same pathway as drugs relieve pain? Yes (is here any other pathway for pain reduction?). But is love as strong as cocaine? No! Of course not! Cocaine is incredibly powerful, much better at blocking pain than any psychological method!


Nothammer t1_iyc4txz wrote

Thankfully someone actually read the article. Anyone who ever did hard drugs and has been in love can tell you that those are not even remotely comparable.


Only-Study-3912 t1_iyetcjr wrote

Both (cocaine and love) probably activate the pleasure centre of the brain, which can be said for many things (for example eating chocolate, playing slot machines etc). This is sensationalism for absolutely no reason other than the clicks. The key takeaway is that both of these activities are pleasurable.

I hate knowing these things. It makes me really understand how media works very clearly.


RevolutionaryMove357 t1_iyavmwe wrote

Plus cocaine doesn’t sleep with your roommate or get drunk and piss the heated seats in your truck. Thanks Ashley.


lookslikesausage t1_iybkegf wrote

But cocaine won't fix you a HAM sandwich after a hard night of bowling.


Wholenchilada t1_iybnmce wrote

You don't get hungry while on cocaine. So there's that!


r448191 t1_iybxmdd wrote

At least cocaine doesn't think you making her a sandwich is just being nice but the other way around is unacceptable sexism.


Atmadog t1_iyd356c wrote

Ashley... yeah... that is her name. I forgive her though... she can't help what she is.


dabudtenda t1_iyaun59 wrote

Explains why I love cocaine....


RedSonGamble t1_iyarwqb wrote

It’s why some people always are in a new relationship. And it makes sense love is fun! But ya know it can also be hurtful bc that person is like I love you and wanna be with you forever. Then a month later they’re like ehhhh this has kind of run it’s course so yeah bye


DietInTheRiceFactory t1_iyav28o wrote

Yeah, there really needs to be a better differentiation between infatuation and love. Infatuation, not love, is the thing that causes obsession in the early part of a relationship.

And it fades.


TheAdmiralMoses t1_iyavq83 wrote

Jokes on you I have abandonment issues so I am infatuated whenever my SO pays any attention to me, lasted me 6 months last relationship.

^Also ^kinda ^means ^I'm ^very ^insecure ^when ^they're ^not, ^but ^whatever


InfiniteV t1_iybc552 wrote

Sounds like you have an anxious attachment style. Join us at /r/anxiousattachment


lactose_con_leche t1_iyaz7yu wrote

Long term love doesn’t feel like a super rush that you come down from. It is much more nuanced and builds trust. This is why I don’t think “love” can be measured in the brain, because it is an oversimplification to say that it is just an emotional rush from feel good chemicals. Long term love doesn’t always even feel good. Many times it means taking care of them when you’re tired and multiple other cases where there is no immediate brain reward but you know its the right thing to do for your partner.


GyreCarline t1_iyb023d wrote

Yes, this. I don't think I would describe the rush of feel good chemicals when falling in love as love at all. It's more like a biological attachment response. Love is a conscious choice that must be made every day, long after the initial high of attachment subsides.


arglarg t1_iyaurve wrote

Then how is this still legal?


xadiant t1_iycazwb wrote

Honestly I can find decent cocaine easier than the true love


Trooper057 t1_iyb2bnm wrote

I've never done cocaine, but I bet the comedown doesn't include children and a spouse you have to take care of forever. Probably cheaper high in the long run too.


bloomy60 t1_iybwjb8 wrote

Depends how much you take and how good your night was. Take enough and you might wake up a few years later with a kid


CertainCynic t1_iyav9kl wrote

Ah so that’s why my husband and I are so codependent


Trying2improvemyself t1_iyb041x wrote

Because of the cocaine


ltethe t1_iybpaci wrote

I remember when I was dating my now wife, the first three months were sleepless dopamine marathons. I remember thinking very distinctly, “This is not sustainable, I have a life to live, every iota of time is going into this.”

Been together 10 years now, life is quite a bit more sustainable at this point.

The teens/20s were mad, just hopping from dopamine fix to dopamine fix, I can’t imagine how insane mixing all that with drugs must be.


Killbot_Wants_Hug t1_iyc6ctw wrote

While I've never been into drugs, I did hang out with a lot of people who were into the drug scene.

Some of them fell in love and got married. But what I found was true pretty often, is that if one person decided they wanted to get clean, it usually caused a break up. They often found that either drugs were the only thing they had in common or they just actively disliked each other when they weren't high.

I always found it weird that drugs changed your perception of who you liked and how much by such a large margin. But then again I guess I'm much friendlier when I'm drinking, so in a way it does that to me as well.

Also in a relationship I'm sure it's kind of rare for both people to decide they want to get sober at the same time. And I'm sure that makes the getting clean phase of the relationship extra stressful. And a lot of times when one decides to get clean it's the girl and it's because she's pregnant.

In short, maybe don't get married or pregnant during the drug use phase of your life.


halfanothersdozen t1_iyazgqs wrote

I mean... no. Cocaine releases the same reward and pleasure chemicals... but it does a whole bunch of other shit, too. Love =/= drug. Though it is powerful.


Adorable-Volume2247 t1_iybb871 wrote

Everything that feels good stimulates the same parts of your brain. Your brain doesnt have some special "cocaine section"


This_Bug_6771 t1_iybfm99 wrote

> Your brain doesnt have some special "cocaine section"

speak for yourself


astrongineer t1_iyayair wrote

That part of my brain died long ago, along with my sense of smell.


NeatlyCritical t1_iyb3wp0 wrote

Well since will never experience love at least can simulate it with drugs someday, now just have to figure out how to get drugs.


Sir_Chonkerton t1_iyb6koi wrote

Must be why a broken heart feels like going through withdrawals


rhett342 t1_iybqxxi wrote

I quit drinking the night my wife left. Stopping drinking has been a breeze compared to moving on with my life without my wife.


GrandNibbles t1_iyba8mw wrote

"sAmE pArT of YoUr bRaiN"

There are like a bazzillion drugs that stimulate that part of the brain all with varying effects.

Falling in love does trigger dopamine and oxytocin but it is nowhere near the same power.


TazmaniannDevil t1_iybd2gh wrote

Cocaine doesn’t dump you after 3 years, tell you to leave the apartment you rented together asap because she doesn’t “feel good” and ask you to sweep the floor one last time before you leave.


Squizzy77 t1_iybzb2x wrote

So if you love cocaine it doubles the effect?


GrapeSwimming69 t1_iyat8kk wrote

Paging Tone Loc.. we need some funky cold medina.


Yoguls t1_iyawuqx wrote

I love cocaine


sramder t1_iyay2cf wrote

I can’t wait for the TED talk…


Emdubya20 t1_iybrfzk wrote

Love is Like Oxygen, You get too much, you get too high, Not enough and you're gonna die. Love gets you high.…


James-da-fourth t1_iybw2w0 wrote

So you’re saying that love can be replaced?


buddyravage t1_iych3lg wrote

Just because two things "stimulate the same part of the brain", doesn't mean they are equally strong.


herbw t1_iyews9a wrote

Or in ANY way empirically, logically, or medically equivalent. The false analogy, Identity, IOW.

But it's TIL!! Yer thinkin it actually is but like rest of Youtube other than 90-95% dubious?


OleUncleAlbenBarkley t1_iycv3ka wrote

I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the last few months.

I didn’t date casually or otherwise until I turned 24. I’m neurodivergent, was overweight as a kid, and had a bit of a delayed emotional and social development.

There’s a much longer story about those days, but I digress.

But up until I started dating in my 20s my only release of oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) was emotional intimacy.

On some level I guess you could say that my developmental track as a straight, cisgender male essentially happened in the reverse order than most of my male peers.

I’m a “wears his heart on his sleeve” kind of guy, so on some level that part came more naturally but as a guy I’ve found it can be a big turnoff romantically and socially.

Anyways, I’m known to pine. Don’t get me wrong— I’ve learned to “casually date”… but casual sex and one night stands never feel like “enough” to me.

But I’ve recently realized that the handful of women I’ve felt a strong emotional and sexual connection with in the last few years has been like a double dose of heroin (metaphorically speaking) which has made the withdrawal when things haven’t worked out (often because I’ve come off too strong after a few sexual encounters) that much harder to deal with.

I have plenty of abandonment and rejection issues, but I’ve been working on that in therapy for a while now— learning to break it all down to a biochemical level has been helping.

Even platonically, I tend to latch on quickly once I’ve felt a strong emotional of intellectual connection and have run new, fast friends off by being a little too intense sometimes.

Anywho, thanks for posting this. It was pretty validating just to write this anonymously on the internet.


AngryPirateRacing t1_iyd6tra wrote

Its more like that reaction when a bear approaches you in the dark while eating your trash... you have no choice but to commit and it may be your last conscious decision....


ASharpLife t1_iyeo83j wrote

Yeah and withdrawal symptoms hit harder than a truck


Stairwayunicorn t1_iyaslzr wrote

cocaine is mind-altering?


Rings-of-Saturn t1_iyat8o6 wrote

Everything is technically mind altering


frogandbanjo t1_iybvugz wrote

They Might Be Giants knew what was up.

Nobody ever thinks of rocks as "mind-altering," but they were the O.G.

Granted, they were quite imprecise... unless you had one specific type of alteration in mind.


DefiantStomp t1_iyax37o wrote

Absolutely is. Cocaine Psychosis is a real deal. Tony Montana was suffering from it.


dickalopejr t1_iyavkxt wrote

"Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all." Bullshit. Ask a junkie


DefiantStomp t1_iyawwk7 wrote

Sounds about right to me. I'm addicted to a woman who couldn't even be bothered to know my name. She only calls me when she is in trouble and off I go, Captain Save a NiceYoungLadyWhoReallyNeedsToStopUsingMeBecauseImASuckerForDamselsInDistress


OfCourseIKnowHim t1_iyaz53i wrote

White Knight Syndrome. At least you recognize she’s using you and that it’s not just a cute way to get your attention.


bk15dcx t1_iyayewc wrote

This makes sense.

Never been in love. Don't like drugs.


Factal_Fractal t1_iyb1rt7 wrote

Seems I need to fall in love several times a day at a festival


campy86 t1_iyb20qe wrote

Oh oh catch that buzz


Rocket_AG t1_iyb38r0 wrote

If I may quote Dr. Rockso....


whiffitgood t1_iyb4vo6 wrote

u ever jerk off on coke??

u ever jerk off on love??? :O


993username t1_iyb50kw wrote

Which makes sense since the first time I feel in love I was hooked on morphine


ProgramCrypt t1_iyb5rmh wrote

So what I’m hearing is that if I just up my opioid usage, I’ll stop feeling lonely. Nice


OmiNya t1_iyb68f5 wrote

So if there's no difference, why struggle more?


Celebrity292 t1_iyb8wxv wrote

I mean have you ever beat off on cocaine .


GodOfChickens t1_iybd4v1 wrote

The initial rush feels a whole lot more like DMT to me, might depend on the person I guess though


This_Bug_6771 t1_iybfob8 wrote

what if you're doing cocaine with someone you're falling in love with


fluffballkitten t1_iybisat wrote

Well I've never done either one, is that good or bad?


Rounder057 t1_iybnnv0 wrote

Maybe that’s why people use each other like drugs.


Sir112 t1_iyc2y7m wrote

Don't fall in love kids or you will end up a useless member of society.


marfaxa t1_iyc44ws wrote

Wait till you fall in love with cocaine.


herbw t1_iyex0vp wrote

HOW many ER visits will you survive? Or just DOA.....


fuckreddit77_ t1_iyc5fj5 wrote

Yeah, well, I guess I my brain can't feel this, so I'll stick to coke and whisky.


Bimimans t1_iyc8fdj wrote

It's the other way around. Illegal drugs mimic the feeling of happines you get when in love.


KingBasten t1_iyc9o20 wrote

Love is stronger then drugs


adamcoe t1_iycc2pe wrote

I feel like it could be as strong as legal drugs too. I mean morphine is legal if you're in the hospital, seems to work pretty fucking well


space_monster t1_iycd9rg wrote

I remember the feeling when I eventually (and rather suddenly) got over a long & crazy obsession with a crush - it was like coming down off a trip. everything just cleared up and I was like "what the fuck was that all about". proper brain chemistry stuff


CallMeKik t1_iycdkub wrote

This should be taken down. The title is too misleading


oodelay t1_iycmqns wrote

I love you as much as a junkie


Kcnflman t1_iycp2rn wrote

Cocaine is much cheaper


RangeWilson t1_iycwgnj wrote

From what I've heard, you can get Addicted to Love.

Might as well face it.


herbw t1_iyewcpo wrote

It's the sex mostly. Esp. for those of us with very short refractory times. Unless yer got a bad heart, can't die of that either.

Died and gone to heaven, maybe, metaphorically.


TehJohnny t1_iyd4et3 wrote

It's true, at least for me, I used to live for relationships because of how they made me feel, I never gave myself time to process separations and always had to find someone new asap to get that feeling back. It is pretty toxic, you put up with a lot of abuse just because the good times made you feel so good. I've sworn off relationships, I get lonely sometimes but I feel better overall emotionally. Maybe someday I'll meet someone, but it isn't my sole reason for living anymore.


YumericanPryde t1_iyd6i28 wrote

I love ribeye steaks.


herbw t1_iyew344 wrote

HMM. ALL that cholesterol/FFAcids act like a Steak thru yer heart.


worktillyouburk t1_iyd8zpo wrote

i remember being 14 and falling in love or more the idea of falling in love.

i remember feeling that even if the world ended tomorrow it would not matter as i was in love today.


Crankyrickroll t1_iydm211 wrote

Cocaïne doesn't make like the best food ever. That's double stimulation😎


mksavage1138 t1_iye607i wrote

Roxy Music has been right all along


GEEZUS_956 t1_iyelo0z wrote

Awesome. I don’t need love. I got cocaine


coffeecofeecoffee t1_iyembqp wrote

What a dumb headline. I don't even need to read it to know it's over generalized or sensational in some way.


herbw t1_iyev353 wrote

BS. Sex is way different than the neurochemical releasers in drugs.

First of all contact in sex with another human being releases WAY more endorfins, DA , Oxytocin (for pair bonding) and much else. Also the effects of those are naturally released are rarely over 20'. & pair bonding is a very, very important human activity. And so the toxic effects of natural endorfins and other neurochemicals is avoided.

Funny how drug users always seem to miss the clear cut downsides, such as permanent brain damage, lung damage, and other often lethal substance effects.

Ya can't die from love of itself, either, nor the beneficial effects of same.

Equatin love with drugs is like saying antibiotics are equal in value to opiates.

Now watch the downvotes measure the drug users here!! That will give us a VIP measure, is not?


Borg-Man t1_iyeywxx wrote

I... actually think it should be the other way around: illegal drugs is as strong as love. That's what drugs triggers: the release of substances in your brain that evolution has deemed beneficial.


josetemprano t1_iyf0p5l wrote

This headline and article is a good example of why statistics class is important for the general public. This isn't how data works. The sample size was only 15 - and they were all of a single demographic - and then they used a flawed technique to jump to a pre-drawn conclusion - and then applied the results to the entire population of the earth.

No, no, and no.


RelevantTadpole1157 t1_iyf75pt wrote

The only thing that can compete with herion is love. Real good love, not sex, love.

That's what Ive found.


paper_wavements t1_iyf7fct wrote

I actually prefer limerence to cocaine, but you do you.


TheGuyWithTheMatch t1_iyfbyjm wrote

Makes sense. Being dumped can be horrible, and last a very lomg time.


Snoo_79896 t1_iyfd97u wrote

I was capable of handling high intensity hallucinations. Love is much more demanding, terrifying and unstoppable. I assume because more than one person is affected


blup12 t1_iyarlan wrote

What does it have to do with stupid dancing?


ChefTD1 t1_iyav2hl wrote

The scene pictured is the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene from Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet adaptation.

It’s the scene where they “fuck”


blup12 t1_iyava5r wrote

That’s not Leonard DiCaprio


ChefTD1 t1_iyavhk2 wrote

No, if I had to guess I’d say that is Roberto Bolle, or maybe Angel Corelia. Hard to say with such potato quality.


Short5HT t1_iyb7uyz wrote

So what they are saying is cocaine = love


Bearman71 t1_iycltxj wrote

Coke never abused or gas lit me.


TeaGuru t1_iycok7r wrote

If cocaine = mind altering, wtf are psychedelics?


Gecko4lif t1_iyd97zi wrote

Loves way less fun though


AmbitiousTour t1_iydedl6 wrote

In my life, being in love got me higher and lower than any drug I took, and I took a lot.


shadow_jacker4 t1_iye74k0 wrote

Why wouldn't It be the same part of your brain for pleasure regardless of the cause. Do people think you have a specific part of your brain that just deals with illegal drugs... Such nonsense


Praben-_ t1_iyeh725 wrote

"It's not the side-effects of the cocaine I'm thinking that it must be love" - Bowie


Kooky-Bee581 t1_iyeimtu wrote

Goes the other way? I'm not a crack addict, I am a love addict.


MadeJust t1_iyelxeo wrote

So are the withdrawals when your heart is broken.