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Captain__Spiff t1_ix2nj49 wrote

Now we have wolves in Germany and everyone involved is mad lol


White80SetHUT t1_ix2ry5e wrote

Do you guys hunt at all?


ensalys t1_ix2xxj9 wrote

In the Netherlands hunting wolves is illegal, and I think that ban comes from the EU, so Germany probably can't hunt them. We recently got wolves in our country as wel (they came from Germany). It's the return of a natural predator that should've been in our ecosystem all along. Plenty of people are still mad about it though.


White80SetHUT t1_ix3ouup wrote

Yeah wolves are protected in certain parts of the US too. I just wondered how much of your population hunted in general.


ensalys t1_ix3pvf3 wrote

Very little I'd think. Getting a weapons permit and a weapon can be a bit of a bitch. And hunting itself is rather limited in when and what and how much you can hunt.


KmartQuality t1_ix4sxvb wrote

Where is there enough wild space in the Netherlands to support wolf packs?


ensalys t1_ix4uwrx wrote

Mostly de Veluwe. Though exact locations are kept secret to protect the wolves.


Akegata t1_ix5m2zt wrote

Wolves are (sadly) hunted in Sweden, so it's probably not prohibited by the EU.