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I_POST_RANDOM_CRAP t1_ix1t9xh wrote

I guess Disney's Pocahontas made it cool to have a raccoon friend. Those fat little furry blubber balls of teeth and rabies are NOT good pets.


AdRepulsive7699 t1_ix1udid wrote

I love my trash pandas. I want one as a pet. They’re so cute. Have you ever seen their cute hands!?


OperaGhostAD t1_ix1vjs0 wrote

They’re in a zoo in the Netherlands.


Cinemaphreak t1_ix1whti wrote

When I went to Spanish zoo a few decades ago it was such an odd thing to see a racoon in an exhibit after seeing them so often in the wild it was no big deal anymore.


dinoroo t1_ix1wp81 wrote

Guardians of the Galaxy lied to me.


Carnegiejy t1_ix1yafr wrote

There is an island in the Mississippi called Cat Island. When the French first charted it had a huge raccoon population but the French just assumed they were weird looking cats.


Conscious_Bend_7308 t1_ix1zl2u wrote

Opossums are also native, the only native marsupial in the Americas!


BigJayPee t1_ix209rk wrote

Can confirm. Just had to get rid of 4 at work. Working out of a double wide, they took out 60% of the insulation and disconnected the vents from the AC unit. It cost a lot to get that repaired.


DrifterInKorea t1_ix21tdp wrote

They are cute.
I met with one last week, thinking it was a cat.
But it was making sounds while walking so instead I thought it was a dog.
But then getting closer it looked like a very strange not-doggy thing at all.
Once close enough it turned around and completely froze.

It was huge so I guess it was emptying stray cats food that old ladies are giving out.

This was a bit random just like the encounter.


paranoidfish89 t1_ix21ui7 wrote

I had one growing up. You HAVE to get them before they open their eyes. The worse problem I can remember was they can get into just about anything. You'll want to babyproof the cabinets. They can be like huskies, leave them alone too long and they start to tear stuff up. If you want to get one you'll want to check local laws since in some places it can be illegal. Not so illegal cops come looking but normal vets can refuse to treat it I believe.


fuzzyjuicypeach t1_ix225tc wrote

incredible how certain species adapted so well to live among human populations while others dissappeared completely


Dragmire800 t1_ix226tk wrote

This is like the opposite of a TIL I had a year ago. I assumed they only lived in North America. I was very surprised to hear Germany had a raccoon population


Drach88 t1_ix24m3g wrote

I stumbled across someone feeding them over the park wall up near 108th or so. More trash pandas than I've ever seen. A racoon platoon, if you will. Maybe three or four dozen all waiting for food. As a kid, I recall seeing one casually scaling a fence to the alley between buildings. People forget that Manhattan's got wildlife.


wackk t1_ix259f9 wrote

Who the hell introduced the raccoon elsewhere?


Zaltt t1_ix25s8s wrote

Davy crocket wore a racoon as a hat


10_Virtues t1_ix271rg wrote

Are there raccoons outside of the US and Canada?


SublightMonster t1_ix27mih wrote

In Japan they were introduced in the 1970s after idiots bought them as pets because of a popular anime (Rascal). They’ve now spread to every prefecture and are pushing out native species like tanuki. There’s an active trap and destroy order for them throughout the country.


WikitomiC t1_ix288mp wrote

Marsupials probably originated in North America in the late Cretaceous or early Paleogene, and spread to South America, Antarctica and Australia while the supercontinent Gondwana was still united. Currently about 30% of the extant species of marsupials are native to the Americas.

The opossum on the other hand probably originated in what is now the Amazon rainforest, there are still several species of Didelphidae in South and Central America, but I think the best known is the North American Opossum.


JurassicCotyledon t1_ix29g9c wrote

One time in college I was walking my drunk ass home and decided to get a slice of pizza. While paying I see the back screen door of the joint swinging open just a crack, then 1, 2 and then 3 raccoons scamper across the floor.

They didn’t even look around. They knew exactly what they were doing. I slur something like “dude, yer getn robbed” and this dude turns around the bandits freeze in their steps and look at us like children caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Dude just calmly says “guys, hey, come on.”, and they still don’t move. He walked over to the door, opened it, and said “out”. The raccoons just kind of looked at each other and then slowly walked back out the door.

Buddy walks back over to me shaking his head “fucking trash pandas”.

Apparently they lived in the alley out back and were usually pretty chill. The pizza was maybe a 7/10.


NathanJMc t1_ix2bpxh wrote

So far I’ve learned from two separate reddit posts that tomatoes and raccoons are native to North America. Is this today’s karma farming topic?


pm_me_ur_memes_son t1_ix2cq2p wrote

Well I’ve never seen or heard of a racoon outside of the States.


pickleer t1_ix2d9dx wrote

That was the beginning of their slow-rolling takeover...


Jameschoral t1_ix2gh6f wrote

HA! You colonizers brought opossums, black rats, feral swine, English starlings, and released cats that have decimated the ecosystem.



CarelessHisser t1_ix2gngu wrote

And thus the phrase:

"There's more than one way to skin a cat"

because early settlers thought things like raccoons were cats.

Our ancestors were not nearly as clever as we give them credit when it came to classification of organisms. Especially given how long beavers and capibara were considered fish.


AWizard13 t1_ix2h73p wrote

What about the Raccoon Dogs of Japan!?


krys2lcer t1_ix2hj8w wrote

Well they make good hats so idk


i_worship_amps t1_ix2huox wrote

IIRC Japan had them become extremely invasive because people read a story about a girl that had a pet raccoon, and promptly got one themselves and realized fairly quickly that they don’t make great pets


IBeTrippin t1_ix2iwtq wrote

Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Japan. I've heard of them being seen in France too. In Europe they were brought over for their fur but escaped. In Japan there was an anime that made raccoons popular pets, and a lot escaped or were released.


tinoynk t1_ix2k1et wrote

The best wildlife we have is the birds of prey. It’s pretty amazing being in the asphalt jungle and then see a red tailed hawk just tear into a dirty ass pigeon.


Captain__Spiff t1_ix2kmw3 wrote

I'm German, we have a number of raccoons in the wild and also some in zoos. I've never seen any outside myself (except for maybe, maybe a single overran specimen but my sis is stupid).

The poor fella in that zoo has orientation problems, some sort of damage to the his inner ear. He's better off in the zoo anyway and people love him.


66rwd t1_ix2knvo wrote

Hey I'm in NA and I don't have any but I know lots of people who do Why would you import some


Huckorris t1_ix2lrgi wrote

No wonder that Russian was so stoked to steal a raccoon from the Kherson zoo.


New_EE t1_ix2lvv3 wrote

No where else has racoons? Well if you've never seen one in real life....go ahead and go up to one and say hi. They are super fluffy and love to be petted!


Banjo_Pobblebonk t1_ix2s0m7 wrote

To be fair, it wasn't all Catholics collectively writing these rules. Popes, cardinals and the likes wrote up all the weird religious beurocracy so bored monks with too much time on their hands came up with loopholes to make living in a monastery more bearable. Too many fish days? Beavers and ducks are fish now. Meals must be eaten in silence? Talk in sign language. And do all this while hammered constantly on home brewed mead.


Glum_Butterfly_9308 t1_ix2vrpz wrote

There’s a raccoon at the Saigon zoo in Vietnam. No joke, it’s there because it hitched a ride in a shipping container of frozen meat a couple years ago. It ate up a bunch of the meat during the journey and then made itself a little shelter with the leftover boxes to stay warm.


ensalys t1_ix2xxj9 wrote

In the Netherlands hunting wolves is illegal, and I think that ban comes from the EU, so Germany probably can't hunt them. We recently got wolves in our country as wel (they came from Germany). It's the return of a natural predator that should've been in our ecosystem all along. Plenty of people are still mad about it though.


Eliseo120 t1_ix2z0zr wrote

I visited Italy recently and didn’t see a single squirrel there. Also, there pigeons almost always seemed to have fucked up feet.


Comnena t1_ix39pac wrote

I mean, people have kangaroos in zoos and I can see mobs of them every weekend on my walks (or on the road when the idiots go for a wander). Just depends on what you're used it.


Layhult t1_ix3aeng wrote

If I have to deal with trash pandas, then so do you.


Conscious_Bend_7308 t1_ix3eajy wrote

They will show their teeth if they feel threatened, but they won't attack. Look up animal bites with your state's health dept and you won't find any opossums. They are more likely to roll over and play dead -- "play possum"


McMacHack t1_ix3fata wrote

I love the on going joke in Parks and Rec that there is a part of Pawnee that belongs to the Raccoons. "They have their part of town and we have ours, that's the truce."


zachzsg t1_ix3gun0 wrote

I feel like raccoons could take over basically anywhere that isn’t Antarctica or the middle of a desert. Those mfs are smart as fuck and crafty as hell, studies have shown they’re far smarter than cats and dogs and are more at the level of monkeys.

Growing up I lived in a very rural house, we would lock our doors not because of people, but because the raccoons could open doors. And to go even further, we would leave a key on top of the door. One time we got home and saw a raccoon trying to put the key inside the door. He couldn’t figure out how to get it in, but he was smart enough to recognize that he needed to get the key in the door to open it.


twobit211 t1_ix3k5fq wrote

>He couldn’t figure out how to get it in, but he was smart enough to recognize that he needed to get the key in the door to open it.

that’s some planet of the apes shit


qorpo_santo t1_ix3lru7 wrote

In South America there is a native similar species, Procyon cancrivorus


DoofusMagnus t1_ix3m54o wrote

This is not true. There are the shrew opossums which despite the similar common name are a separate order from the "true" opossums, of which the Virginia opossum is only one example. And the monito del monte is another marsupial in the Americas which is even more distant from the opossums.

The fact you may be thinking of is that the Virginia opossum is the only marsupial native to the United States (and bits of Canada). I feel like I've heard it phrased as "native to North America" before but even that isn't true because there are other opossum species in Central America and into Mexico as well.


neighbor_jim t1_ix3mnfh wrote

Ah, the Noth American Trashius Pandis.


AlwaysHere202 t1_ix3nrz0 wrote

It's interesting to think something so common here is unique elsewhere.

I've literally got a live trap outside because a racoon ate two of my chickens last week. Racoons are about as common as squirrels. When I was a kid, I befriended one with breadsticks. I could hand feed it, and then it would scamper away like a bandit with it's masked face!


jdbcn t1_ix3o46f wrote

Lots of wild raccoons in Madrid. Someone must have let them free


ensalys t1_ix3pvf3 wrote

Very little I'd think. Getting a weapons permit and a weapon can be a bit of a bitch. And hunting itself is rather limited in when and what and how much you can hunt.


SJHillman t1_ix3stni wrote

>Especially given how long beavers and capibara were considered fish.

Thats not because they thought they were actually fish though, anymore than how bees are considered fish under one particular section of California fish and game law. It's just shoehorning one thing under a different category for a specific purpose and having people on the Internet not understand why because they don't bother to umtry to understand how it got to be that way.


zachzsg t1_ix3u4nm wrote

Yeah it was actually crazy. I guess he had watched us using the key before and tried to give it a shot himself. We basically just watched in amazement as he tried to get the key in there lol


detumaki t1_ix3zo3d wrote

had a similar experience at a Deer exhibit in Colorado (I don't remember what city). None of the locals cared and I heard a kid ask "are those the same ones that we saw in our yard?"


AssertRage t1_ix42fch wrote

There are also raccoons in south america called coatis


PageTheKenku t1_ix445o4 wrote

I'm not all that surprised, I remember at one point when I was living in Ontario they were sort of at war with raccoons when trying to make a garbage container that prevented raccoons from getting in and was inexpensive enough.

At one point the lid was made more complicated so they wouldn't be able to open it...but this resulted in the material itself being somewhat cheaper, and raccoons would scratch the bottom of the containers until they made a hole to grab stuff out of.


evil_burrito t1_ix44x3k wrote

I remember doing battle with a raccoon in the middle of the night who had come in through the cat door to have some kitty crunchies.

Ten year old me and a broom against a big fat raccoon. He was completely unimpressed as I tried to shuffleboard him out the door.


asian_identifier t1_ix4hhse wrote

I don't get this... isn't this like saying "Kangaroos are native to Australia"?


Beneficial_Tough3345 t1_ix4zoho wrote

Take our trash pandas and our skunks too we have way too many here the cops here in North Dakota just murderd a raccoon a few weeks ago because some woman took it into a bar and the bartender thought it might have rabies so they hunted it down and shot her pet raccoon that she had been caring for since finding it on the side of the road as a baby and raising it as a pet


Darmok47 t1_ix4zv9e wrote

I'm pretty sure he's meant to be a regular Earth raccoon that was experimented on. The Nova Corps mention he's the result "illegal enhancement of a lower life form."


semiomni t1_ix50o7l wrote

>There seems to be confusion.

Confusion seems to be entirely on your end.

For one, you just replied to yourself, not me.

Two, the conversation was not about the definition of loopholes, pretty clear to everyone else, how embarrassing for you.


Beneficial_Tough3345 t1_ix53a63 wrote

Take our trash pandas and our skunks too we have way too many here the cops here in North Dakota just murderd a raccoon a few weeks ago because some woman took it into a bar and the bartender thought it might have rabies so they hunted it down and shot her pet raccoon that she had been caring for since finding it on the side of the road as a baby and raising it as a pet source


Knull_Gorr t1_ix5rig1 wrote

Racoons are found outside of NA?


FatQuack t1_ix634tf wrote

When I was a kid in New York in the 70's raccoons were a mostly a southern thing but now they're all over the place here and many other northern cities.


jellyrollo t1_ix64ye6 wrote

I went to a wildlife park in Australia where I was able to get my picture taken with a koala, see a wombat's butt (it was sleeping), get bitten by an emu, see a few kangaroos lounging insolently in the brush, and meet some wallabies who approached me and ate pellets from my hand with their fuzzy little lips. Definitely a major highlight of my trip! Wallabies are my jam.


Cinemaphreak t1_ix6fpr4 wrote

When I went to Spain I was coming from South Carolina.

I've lived in California for the last couple of decades and see raccoons every month or so in my front and backyards. No, I don't live anywhere near woods or the country. These are entirely urban critters and almost certainly what gave them the nickname trash panda. One got into a trap we had out to catch feral cats and boy was he not a happy camper. But thankfully he waddled off away from me when I let him out.


NightHawk877 t1_ix80ofa wrote

My mom had a pet raccoon. She told me it was the worst pet she has ever owned.