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jamescookenotthatone OP t1_iwu82wr wrote


Careful_Yannu t1_iwuzqwa wrote

Thanks, genuinely did not know if it was a water or wind turbine since both were used for flour grinding.


cleverlane t1_iwua1zt wrote

Why do old timers always have a middle initial in there?

We never refer to Musk with his middle initial. Or Gates, etc…

If you didn’t put the F. would we think it’s some other Charles Brush?


Bierbart12 t1_iwucbb5 wrote

It depends on how you make yourself known. Like Samuel L. Jackson. There definitely are more modern examples


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RetroMetroShow t1_iwugpt2 wrote

Also with common names they need the middle initial like actor Michael B Jordan (not the hoops GOAT) and there was already another Sam Jackson in the actors guild so he added the L


Zran t1_iwuqy9n wrote

David Tennant is known as such for the same reason


RetroMetroShow t1_iwut19k wrote

Also Michael Keaton’s name was Michael Douglas so he had to switch too


series_hybrid t1_iwvfd3a wrote

Irving Rhames wanted to register with the screen actors guild, but someone else already used that name, so...he is now "Ving Rhames"


scooterboy1961 t1_iwvp2my wrote

Movie and TV actors often have a middle initial because the Screen Actors Guild will not allow two actors with the same name.


skccsk t1_iwv467x wrote

With actors, it's generally because another actor with that name is already registered with the actor's guild.


LipTrev t1_iwug5n1 wrote

If you are named after family members the only differentiation possible some times are the middle initial.

Some country somewhere had this issue when a father and then a son became prime ministers basically one after the other.


murderosa t1_iwvw9bm wrote

Often solved by using jr and sr. Or i, ii, iii, iv, etc.

Ive known several ppl just go by ‘junior’ as a name


Cetun t1_iwx7vee wrote

That's if they have the exact same name. George Edward Foreman Sr. named all of his 5 sons George Edward Foreman. The first one aquired Jr. status and the next 4 became II, III, IV, and V.

If they have a different middle name then they use middle names such as George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Sometimes they will refer to H. W. Bush as Bush Sr. for short but they wouldn't in any official reference such as "George H. W. Bush Sr."


LipTrev t1_ix1rxtw wrote

Additionally in the US, those last bits are part of the legal name, or can be.


Galaghan t1_iwuao8n wrote

Because it's what they were/are known as.


JarbaloJardine t1_iwudkx9 wrote

A lot of Lawyers do middle initial in formal documents. I think it makes us feel fancy


Nunyazbznz t1_iwurmv1 wrote

I'm not an old timer. I just like the way my name looks when my middle initial is there it has a flow to it.

Also, I was taught to always use my middle initial by the old timers when I was a kid and it's stuck.


swgpotter t1_iwuzurk wrote

If you're named after your father, like George W Bush, it's pretty common.


Careful_Yannu t1_iwv0bul wrote

It used to be a popular naming scheme, especially among Scottish immigrant families, to insert a false middle initial that doesn't stand for anything. IIRC Hunter S Thompson is an example.


CarlMetzger t1_iwubw8d wrote

That was a thing even when I was growing up. If you have a middle name it is a specific way of identifying yourself. People also took pride in their (cursive) signatures and was an art form. Now it's not even taught in school


382Whistles t1_iwxr4vx wrote

Better question might be why we didn't continue with it for better individual identification when the population has only grown.

There were 4 people in our school with the exact same first and last names.

My dad and his cousin shared the exact same 3 names, in the same town, and at the same jr & high school, in the same grade. (nobody knew what names had been chosen).

The initial is useful. So is descendant numbering. E.g. "Thurston Howell the 3rd", or "Jr."


raytaylor t1_ix2zlnj wrote

Often named after their parents/grandparents.
For example I am
Raymond R Taylor while my grandfather is
Raymond A Taylor
Its how you would tell us apart - especially if we worked in the same trade or occupation.


LipTrev t1_iwufyfo wrote

Cannot edit titles but it is important to note this was a wind turbine with battery backup.


DigNitty t1_iwv0c4p wrote

The battery was there to ensure the wind turbine still would spin if power was lost.


Orinslayer t1_iwu9072 wrote

Windmill punk?


Bierbart12 t1_iwucf1c wrote


Feels like a genre of many windmill powered airships

Maybe Castle in the Sky could fit?


blobbysnorey t1_iwud1qs wrote

Wasn’t that in a Mario game?


Bierbart12 t1_iwunmf7 wrote

Mario has a shit ton of airships, but I don't think it really rings "windpunk"


themagicbong t1_iwunqqk wrote

Bioshock infinite


Bierbart12 t1_iwuo49t wrote

Very much yes. Also, I just remembered a show called Storm Hawks about a bunch of air pirates. Holy shit, I loved it


themagicbong t1_iwv9suw wrote

Bioshock infinite was legitimately one of my favorite games, came out right at the end of highschool and I have a lot of memories associated with it, lol.


Jampine t1_iwuv5s8 wrote

Cragside house in England has the same deal, but bit earlier in 1870, making it the worlds first power planet, and house with electricity.

Weird thinking about what it must been like to visit at the time, it would been like a Victorian version of Tony Stark's mansion.


classactdynamo t1_iwuxthg wrote

This is actually where the term brushless motor comes from. It indicates our was not in his possession.


Publius82 t1_iwv8n2u wrote

It's amazing to me that Brush invented his motor in 1888 and it's taken us over century to develop motors without him!


jazzb54 t1_iwuzki9 wrote

Does that mean all the newer turbines in Cleveland are Brushless?


luckycity t1_iwvguky wrote

I went to a high school named after him. Our mascot (when I went there) was a guy with a light bulb for a head.


DyktMuffinManwlodl t1_iwy2mmo wrote

Still 100x better than a white kid running around a football field culturally appropriating native Americans.


revelator41 t1_iww3y9t wrote

Thus, the Charles F. Brush High School Arcs.


Procyonid t1_iwv46hn wrote

Was it a Brushless turbine?