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HappySkullsplitter t1_ixk7e3t wrote

Horses have top and bottom

...and one particular asshole liked to bite little kids and give them a lifelong fear of horses

Fuck you Frank


ledouxrt t1_ixk8146 wrote

I have a lifelong fear of horses after getting bucked off, toe stomped, and kicked. My mom just had to have her horses.


HappySkullsplitter t1_ixkfe55 wrote

My aunt got thrown by her own horse, my other aunt was riding next to her and swears there was absolutely nothing there to spook the horse and cause it to throw her

The fall broke her neck in 3 places and her arm

She had to wear a halo for months,have surgeries, and go to physical therapy for over a year after that

And these are people who grew up riding horses as a primary means of transportation

If that can happen to them, then what hope do I have?


twobit211 t1_ixkhy8n wrote

>โ€The fall broke her neck in 3 placesโ€ฆโ€

she should stay out of those places in future


CandidInsurance7415 t1_ixl5675 wrote

I used to think animals like horses are safe because they dont have weapons like claws or sharp teeth, but when an animal is that big, it is the weapon.


ledouxrt t1_ixkld82 wrote

Maybe that's why their life expectancy was much lower than ours is now. ๐Ÿ˜‹


Dawnawaken92 t1_ixkfdm8 wrote

Dude exactly the same. I hate all horses now. Thanks mom.


gmnitsua OP t1_ixkbamr wrote

Yes. I know that for sure. I have the same fear.


Anakin_BlueWalker3 t1_ixn3hcy wrote

Some kid probably told the farmer to name him Frank and it stuck so now he hates kids.


DoofusMagnus t1_ixk9l48 wrote

Wow, okay, I'm surprised it took me this long to learn this, but I guess that finally explains the nagging feeling that something was off which I'd occasionally feel when I saw images of cow or deer skulls. Looking at images now I feel pretty dumb that it never registered with me that there are no (upper) incisors.


gmnitsua OP t1_ixkbj01 wrote

I was pretty shocked when I learned. I was watching Victorian Farm on Prime, and they inspected a ram. And dropped that little tidbit, and it kind of fucked my brain up a little bit.


DoofusMagnus t1_ixkc5il wrote

It's like the rectangular pupils thing all over again!


aspiring-moose t1_ixkfddm wrote

Wait, what?


RenningerJP t1_ixld1l4 wrote

Goats have rectangular pupils.


dentalstudent t1_ixlxhfk wrote

I don't work with animals, but still.. I feel like I should have learned this in the past 10 years in my field


Throwawaycuzawkward t1_ixk7ybf wrote

I mean, you think that's weird.

I love tapirs.

Go look up their smiles. Believe me, it's worst when they have human teeth.

Go Google Image search "Baby Tapir"

Then Google Image search "Tapir Smiling"

And your "dental pad" can go suck it.


gmnitsua OP t1_ixkci2i wrote

That's pretty disturbing.


Throwawaycuzawkward t1_ixkcqqc wrote

It would seem, but it's still a tapir. As adults they human-like teeth.

But they are still amazing little mammals who mean no harm to no one.

They just have human teeth. Which is un-avoidably weird.


Clear_Flower_4552 t1_ixnoli7 wrote

Tapirs can be hundreds of pounds and one literally ripped a womanโ€™s arm off a few years ago.

Generally they arenโ€™t aggressive, but they can definitely wreck someone if they want to.


mmrrbbee t1_ixkh886 wrote

Teeth are just fish scales that evolved to be on the inside. The bones In our arms and chest are the same as 400 million year old fish, same as the bastards that came up on land, doing push ups the whole way. Fkrs


No-Ferret7004 t1_ixnit0h wrote

Thanks I needed those pictures ๐Ÿ˜Š


Throwawaycuzawkward t1_ixnk004 wrote

Not for nothing, a tapir a day is a smile a day.

I live in Washington State. My introduction to Tapirs was baby Kudzu at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

I ken their teeth are weird. But they're so cute.


HateKnuckle t1_ixmso7i wrote

I raised cows and I didn't know this.


BrokenEye3 t1_ixk7qgw wrote

I swear I've seen cows with both rows of teeth.


gmnitsua OP t1_ixk9je2 wrote

I felt the same way. But you can tell from their skulls that they definitely don't have them.

This could be a new Mandela effect example.


BrokenEye3 t1_ixkaakf wrote

They do often look like they've got underbites. Maybe this is why.


Drone30389 t1_ixlk1ms wrote

I just went looking at "cows chewing" videos on youtube and only saw lower teeth and upper lip. It looks like their upper lip is hiding their upper teeth and our brains just filled in the blank.

Mind blown.


Addedinterest t1_ixk9f2y wrote

So... all of the cartoon cows, sheep, and giraffes smiling with teeth.. are drawn wrong.


DamianFullyReversed t1_ixktsya wrote

I personally like to imagine they wear false teeth on their upper jaw.


No-Ferret7004 t1_ixnjarn wrote

I'm over here ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


Dragmire800 t1_ixlx1ii wrote

Theyโ€™re half way to beakdom


vibrant_crab t1_ixkn1o7 wrote

Good for smashing them greens.