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[deleted] t1_ix9w6gs wrote

Rita Repulsa: "Wow, even I wouldn't do that"


FandomMenace t1_ixa2h15 wrote

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


epochpenors t1_ixa9hqi wrote

Damn, crazy how many people decided to take advantage of that program after the federal government publicly announced it had no intention to oversee applications or review recipients


Emotional_Match8169 t1_ixcjraq wrote

They did not publicly announce no oversight. It’s very clear in all the paperwork that there would be verification. I took care of it for my husbands business. Some people are just dumb and think they can get away with anything.


stu54 t1_ixcbwad wrote

It was entrapment. Jk lol


Admirable_Nothing t1_ixa1dzk wrote

The PPP loan program was a "Full employment for Federal Prosecutors forever Act."


respondin2u t1_ix9x7m1 wrote

I just met him yesterday at a comic con. He was kind and we talked briefly about JDF.


Tentapuss t1_ixado8z wrote

Zordon chose poorly, the way this week’s going.


ClownfishSoup t1_ixaq76z wrote

Another Red "wild force" power ranger was convicted of murdering his roommate with a sword.


A no-name extra on the Power Rangers brutally murdered a couple so he could steal their money and their boat. He tied them to a boat anchor and tossed them into the ocean to drown.


edit: As I read the article, I see that it's not confirmed he/she was on Power Rangers, even as an unamed extra kid.


HPmoni t1_ixdp59b wrote

Became trans to escape make protein is my theory.

You don't want to be a small white guy in prison.


biddilybong t1_ixb87ud wrote

I mean all of PPP was fraud. It seems strange to see this guy to go to jail when my unaffected accountant got $1.5 mil and the local country club owned by a guy who has $50 mil got $1 mil and had a record year.


StoopidFlanders234 t1_ixbl6ye wrote

It’s the difference between Edgelord definitions of fraud (the whole system is a fraud, man!) vs actual PPP loan fraud (why yes, USA… I really own a company with 20 employees. Please give me 6 months of 20 employees salaries which I must prove went towards salary)


mishaunc t1_ixbomsl wrote

How did the country club owner earn his $50 million?


biddilybong t1_ixbs9si wrote



mishaunc t1_ixc1a03 wrote

Ty, I was wondering if it’s the guy from our town who had to buy a country club because the country clubs around here wouldn’t ask him to join, but different guy


Pleasant-Chicken611 t1_ixa73ln wrote

Wasn't he also a gay adult star for a while after getting out of power rangers? Or was that one of those weird international rumours of the internet early days?


JJohnston015 t1_ixagegj wrote

I've never understood the whole "obtaining loans fraudulently" thing. How do you benefit? Don't you have to pay them back? Do people figure they can invest the money and make more than the interest they're paying? Has that ever actually happened?


emceemcee t1_ixbj2dw wrote

PPP Loans were largely forgiven if the money was used for payroll, I believe.


HPmoni t1_ixdpmdw wrote

Criminals are short sighted.

But yeah. A smart person can turn a million into$1.1 million in a few months.

The loans later became grants.


Effective-Midnight75 t1_ixb1sr7 wrote

didn't one of them actually kill someone with his girlfriend? I recall he met up with them to 'buy a boat' and threw the couple that owned it overboard in the middle of the ocean.


No_Banana_581 t1_ixchyen wrote

It seems a few of the power rangers have had a hard life


ElfMage83 t1_ixd3ys2 wrote

You should specify that this is the original Red Ranger. There have been several (RIP JDF).


jallegretta t1_ixb33wn wrote

Too bad God turned out to be red green colorblind.


glorious_ad1969 t1_ixb40xc wrote

Anyone 'member the Power Ranger who killed two people, then tried to castrate himself while awaiting trial? No? Just me?

That was a cursed show.


DesperateUse5976 t1_ixchvrh wrote

I always thought Tommy was a better leader for the Rangers. And when he got the golden shield, oh my God. That was so cool.


jang859 t1_ixcxvq8 wrote

Why is that the official beard of "I'm a Jihadist American"?


zstandig t1_ixfa2dy wrote

Bulk and Skull probably put him up to it


WattebauschXC t1_ixaf0m0 wrote

So he didn't changed at all, still a person you don't want to have around.


[deleted] t1_ix9wbl4 wrote



elvis_depressedly8 t1_ix9yayj wrote

Weird take. Implying that fraud is a crime worthy of death is pretty shit, man. It’s not like JDF was some angel. Read the comments and you’ll find plenty of stories of him doing worse than this.


Crumbdizzle t1_ixay7u9 wrote

Is this the power ranger that just killed himself?