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Darth_Corleone t1_iwl7jhx wrote

A friend of mine is a photographer and he says this is THE SONG to add to a slideshow if you want people to start crying. He used it as the finale for his annual slideshow he made for his daughter's End of Year celebration at her school and said the entire hall would be weeping by the end of the track, every year.


SkullyXFile t1_iwlgoy1 wrote

Wow I just remembered how a TA at my kids old school did this and it was diabolical. It was one song in a bigger year end show. All the 5th graders sat at the edge of the stage. They sang Green Day’s Time of Your Life.

Halfway through the song the kids revealed their kindergarten portraits!

The kids, 5th graders, holding their kinder portraits looking dead ass in their parents faces while they sang “I hope you had the tiiime of your liiiife”

I was so grateful my kid was only in 2nd grade at the time cause those 5th grade parents were sobbing


Darth_Corleone t1_iwlh3p8 wrote

Funny enough, that song is actually called Good Riddance. :)


SkullyXFile t1_iwlpm3m wrote

Oh wow I didn’t realize. I wish I still had an old program to see that printed on it!


gwaydms t1_iwlx9uf wrote

It's often used in contexts like this. It works well if you don't listen to the lyrics too carefully


Darth_Corleone t1_iwlyznl wrote

Back in my day... (old man rant inbound)

That song was "Silent Lucidity", and then later it was RHCP's "Under the Bridge". My Senior Class voted for "Under the Bridge" as our class song, and it was like... y'all clearly don't know what this song is about but OK.


CeeCeeAndDee t1_iwmcke0 wrote

If you listen to the lyrics, it's about savoring the time and the memories. Even when it was hard, it was worth it and you should cherish those times. Well, that's my take. The songwriter said it was about enjoying the times he had with an ex-girlfriend who moved away, and angry that life caused them to separate.

>"It's about trying to be cool, accepting that, in life, people go in different directions," Armstrong told Rolling Stone. "People come into your life and it's wonderful, but they seem to go out of your life as quickly as they came in."

No offense if you were, but were you just basing your statement on the title of the song?


res30stupid t1_iwo6xaf wrote

Enya has made some pretty emotional music, both as a solo artist and when she was a member of the band Clannad, to which she was backing vocals and keyboardist - first band to get into the UK Top 40 with a song in Gaelic. In fact, the other members of the band were her siblings and uncles.


kimbykimb t1_iwo8y1v wrote

TIL Enya was the name of one person and not a whole band....


res30stupid t1_iwo9pag wrote

Her full name is Enya Patricia Brennan. Also, she lives in a castle in Ireland with her cats.

Not a joke, by the way.


Darth_Corleone t1_iwocje4 wrote

I was taking a LOT of acid when she released Return to Innocence and that video fucked me up for a solid week. Every time it came on, it was like the world stopped for a few minutes.


res30stupid t1_iwodejq wrote

That... wasn't Enya. It was Enigma.

To be fair, I've seen some compilation albums which have both their songs included due to being mellow and focused on tranquility and meditation.


Darth_Corleone t1_iwodzzn wrote

Haaaa! You're right, and my memory has been false for decades. Wow...


res30stupid t1_iwoefdq wrote

I mean, I've heard some of Enya's music throughout the years but never knew the artist, then really dived into it when I learned her name from the Lord Of The Rings song she sung, "May It Be". And Enigma? I only heard of that band through Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Araki has a killer taste in music). So, no shame.

Edit: Look up Sadeness/The Principles of Lust.


Darth_Corleone t1_iwoesr4 wrote


That song was super popular and hard to avoid back in the day. It still "slaps" (as the young people say)


res30stupid t1_iwoigws wrote

You can hear it during the massage scene in Charlie's Angels, when Alex renders Tim Curry unconscious.


robotzor t1_iwlz9dj wrote

This was also the anthem remixed over people epic failing, prior to that resulting in copyright strikes ruining the internet forever


amorphoussoupcake t1_iwli9mo wrote

I honestly wonder why you would want your audience to cry.


LevelStudent t1_iwnpzaf wrote

Dude it would be weird if I was licking their face and there weren't even any tears there for me to consume.