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Kilo-1-5 t1_iwiv68i wrote

Holy sweet Jesus that would not be a very fun time.


danger_zone123 t1_iwiwlap wrote

New nightmare unlocked


redrumraisin t1_iwj1c6d wrote

I thought it couldn't get worse than them falling out, what innocence lol.


GaiaAnon t1_iwj8bzt wrote

Can I go back to 30 secs ago, before my nightmares were enhanced?


Kingsolomanhere t1_iwkqtrs wrote

I had this happen to a perfectly fine tooth. No cavity, no filling. Started aching, then intense overwhelming pain for a few days. It finally cracked open right down the middle and the pain stopped. The dentist pulled it and we discovered the root had somehow become infected. The pressure built until it exploded. It was the most pain I have ever felt


Ashaa_aali t1_iwlmiln wrote

My tooth didn’t explode, but your experience made me remember something I imagine to be similar in pain. At the very beginning of covid, they wouldn’t do any type of surgery/dental work with anesthesia that wasn’t an absolute emergency/necessary. So I had to get a tooth pulled with just numbing(it was a molar). It shattered when the dentist tried pulling it out, leaving the roots in my gums, and the nerve in the center of my tooth completely exposed. Having my tongue touch the nerve was so unbelievably excruciating, a whole new level of pain. And they wouldn’t remove it completely until 3 months later. So that nerve was just sitting in my mouth (back bottom right). Even saliva touching it caused excruciating pain all over the whole half of my face and neck. I lost 30 pounds because I couldnt eat, I couldnt drink water so I became extremely dehydrated, I couldn’t brush my teeth or use mouth wash. So it lead to more issues with other teeth because I couldn’t clean my mouth like I usually would. I don’t know how they didn’t think that was an emergency to remove it. Tooth pain is no joke. I get chills just remembering the pain. I imagine what you went through was a similar excruciating, torturous pain.

Edit:grammar and added a word.

AND… they actually made me pay for this absolute fuck up of dental work. I had to pay $350 to be in excruciating pain for three months.


Kingsolomanhere t1_iwlohby wrote

That's messed up. Thank god my dentist didn't think that way, I never missed a cleaning and had one tooth pulled since 2020.


Beklaktuar t1_iwmwber wrote

I know what it feels like to have an exposed nerve so I probably would have bought a gun and made them take it out at gunpiont and then shot them in the knee after as payback. What the hell were they thinking!


Ashaa_aali t1_iwmztzc wrote

I’d be lying if I said that didn’t cross my mind. I was desperate. I’ve been through a lot of painful medical trauma that caused me to go into shock because the pain was so severe. But absolutely NOTHING compares to tooth pain, am I right?!?!


AudibleNod t1_iwiq2wq wrote

There are dozens of us! Dozens!


dabrumz94 t1_iwkevar wrote

Spontaneous dental hydroplosion


Azeze1 t1_iwlb9oi wrote

Were they making them from alkaline metals or something?


Tutorbin76 t1_iwkr9sx wrote

Hur hUr probAbly liThium iOn bAtterY fiLlingS.


kecar t1_iwl8zrs wrote

More likely abscessed teeth. Tooth abscesses and internal pressure builds. The removal of tooth structure to place large amalgam fillings weakens the tooth making it easier to fracture from the pressure build up. Would have been painful. I’ve heard of scuba divers that have teeth “explode” due to small voids in the tooth/filling and the pressure changes from diving.


Skud_NZ t1_iwmsdwr wrote

Forbidden popcorn


OskaMeijer t1_iwje3x3 wrote

Were they filling people's teeth with mercury fulminate?


JacOfAllTrades t1_iwjel1e wrote

Sodium core fillings? Pop pop


[deleted] t1_iwjstv5 wrote

More likely the metal swelled and popped the tooth once the pressure got too high. No such thing as a sodium core filling, that would make no sense. It'd be very dangerous and provide no advantages. They definitely would have known that back then too


JacOfAllTrades t1_iwjynrk wrote

It was a joke since sodium combusts in water.


[deleted] t1_iwjzael wrote

I mean fair enough, but have you seen how stupid some reddit comments are? You can never be too sure


ktka t1_iwji8vs wrote

Fulminated mercury fillings?