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grumble11 t1_ivc49z6 wrote

Not just that, but calories - the brain takes up a huge chunk of calories during infancy, massively slowing development, requiring more calories and making kids more vulnerable to famine


ledditlememefaceleme t1_ivd7iv3 wrote

And yet people insist we're magical and special because we're designed.


Drmite t1_ivdgcsz wrote

When I was a kid still grappling with the whole religion thing, I just took it as the vibe being a set of parables to learn from. If a god exists, it's through the invisible visible sciences of physics, evolution and all that fun stuff.

Now it's good ol science.


HolyNewGun t1_ive5zd1 wrote

Yes, precisely that a species with so much paradoxical feature like human should not exist. If human acquire bipedal first, then it should heavily select against big brain according to natural selection theory. But since natural selection pretty much attribute everything to randomness, the theory practically unfalsifiable.


BoxingSoup t1_ive5vzj wrote

You just went through a whole thread on why we are special in design, and your takeaway was that we are not special?


aldhibain t1_ivedten wrote

We are special in design, but we were not designed to be special.


ledditlememefaceleme t1_ivgces6 wrote

We're neither designed, nor special. We may have some (A dwindling list) features unique to us, but that's it.