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herbw t1_ivos3r5 wrote

Fine, then yer cherry picking the data. Violation of the comprensiveness rule. Modern humans are about 100K yrs old, or so. The data in east AFrica bone finds show that, very likely. Our ancestors go back 3 billions years. H. erectus was about that old over 100K to 300K yrs. . but not entirely human.

Our cortical cell columns are better than erectus. Closer to cro-magnon. Nor has human evolution stopped. Our continuing techno capabilities shows that. Follow tools making from the stone age, to present tech. Humans are getting smarter. That's been going on for 100K's of years in us and our ancestors. Our cortical cell columns, where the info processin goes on, are more efficient and more of them than our ancestors, even 10K yrs. ago.

How do our brains create information? Why has THAT question not been widely asked? Answering that deep question shows how, the brain processors create creativities. Where creativity likely comes from in brain. Structure/function general model in biology, and most tech, t00 Here's now it's done.

Please fill in the details on mankind's likely descendancy to a more complete form.


miasabine t1_ivpc3dp wrote

“Approximately 300,000 years ago, the first Homo Sapiens - anatomically modern humans- arose alongside our other Hominid relatives.

“While our ancestors have been around for about 6 million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago.”

“Modern humans originated in Africa within the past 200,000 years”

So no, I’m not cherry picking data.

The rest of your comment is irrelevant word salad. It has nothing to do with what we were talking about, you’re just talking for the sake of it, and I have no interest in engaging with it.


herbw t1_ivqgh66 wrote

forbes is not an anthropological mag. OK?

Modern humans arose about 100-125K yrs ago in east africa. before that it was H. erectus which is NOT modern man. OK, they are considered in the Homo Genus with modern humans. That's the big error they are committin there.

Homo neanderthalensis would be modern human by their criteria those been extinct for 10K's of years.

It's basic biology. H. sapiens sapiens. Forbes does NOT make the clear use biological definition clear, either

Humans with our high social forms and intellectual characsteristics are about 10-20K yrs old. but as we cannot tell intellectual linguistic prowess but by stone age tools and bones, we estimate the first humans most like us, physically, came about 100-125K yrs ago. Cro-magnan is older than we too, but a side chain as well.

It's anthropology, NOT Forbes business news specialty, either.


miasabine t1_ivqjc4z wrote

Lmao, I love how you’re focusing on Forbes when I’ve literally provided you with THREE other sources that all say 2-300,000 years. And yet you’ve provided ZERO sources. Just get the fuck out, you’re fucking pathetic