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AbyssSun777 t1_ixcktyl wrote


srentiln t1_ixdic9l wrote

To be fair, the modern conditions of the earth would not allow dinosaurs to maintain normal activities outside special environmentally controlled enclosures.


imhereforthevotes t1_ixdp010 wrote

You don't know that...


srentiln t1_ixe7rog wrote

We know that the oxygen concentration in the modern day is not the same as it was in the times of the dinosaurs by a significant enough amount that their respiratory systems couldn't handle it.


imhereforthevotes t1_ixece8c wrote

holy shit I didn't realize this, at least for the late Cretaceous. Maybe we need to go farther back. Imagine all the really tired dinosaurs we'd have to deal with if we brought back the most recent ones.