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RetroMetroShow t1_ivfxlv1 wrote

People live on cruise ships full time and it’s cheaper now, a few single retirees told us they pay in the high five figures per year - said the variety of activities and food keep it from getting monotonous but the crowds are by far the worst part


HPmoni t1_ivg1ksi wrote

Having to live around cruise ship people would suck.


bqzs t1_ivh78yp wrote

Yeah it's expensive but often all-inclusive and retirement is expensive too. Carnival has a 3k ticket right now for a 30-day cruise. That works out to 36k/year. Realistically it's going to be more than that, there are other costs, not every cruise is that long or has that much value for money, and not every single on-board cost is included, but it's not an astronomically high figure.

It sounds like she was living in a little bit more style than just the bare minimum room and board though.


RetroMetroShow t1_ivh8m4q wrote

Plus cruise ships are way bigger today and hold way more people so the cost per person is a lot cheaper, the biggest ships today are more than twice as heavy and hold more than twice as many people as the Titanic


AgentElman t1_ivg3wj1 wrote

High five figures is pretty good for a place to live and food.


jrhawk42 t1_ivhkzq1 wrote

high five figures is $70k+ per year. You could spend $100 a day on food, and still have almost 3k for rent.


Socky_McPuppet t1_ivhyrvr wrote

Yeah, but this also gets you entertainment, travel, and all your utilities.


hat-of-sky t1_ivijqns wrote

And there's a doctor on board, not sure how those charges run though.


southernwx t1_ivhfsvf wrote

And service and entertainment…. It’s a pretty solid deal if that’s your bag.


CrieDeCoeur t1_ivgsq40 wrote

My parents know a boomer couple that does professional housesitting / petsitting for 8 months of the year, followed by 4 months of uninterrupted cruises. They've been doing this for about 5 years total now and live the life of Riley despite having no fixed address.


bob679 t1_iviaprg wrote

Cheaper than many retirement homes and with better service.


[deleted] t1_ivh3sbi wrote

This poor long-lived wealthy woman led a surprising, interesting life, and the only photo of her available is from after she spent 2000 years in a peat bog?


FourFurryCats t1_ivgfki5 wrote

If you want a great multi-day read, you need to visit this thread on Cruise Critic

It is the story of a remarkable man named Egon, who did exactly what this person did. He chose to live out the remainder of his days on a cruise ship.

His post begins:

Dear friends,

come the middle of September, you’ll not get any more forwardings from me and I’ll ask you to take me off your mailing list, if I happen to be on it. From that time onwards and for at least one entire year, my internet access will be severely restricted, although I hope to stay in touch with many friends on a personal level.

But let me explain…

Having outlived my wife, many close friends and. with exception of my son, all my family, I’ve reached the age where assisted living with its amenities looms large. I visited several such facilities but despite comfortable lodgings, the often quite pleasant surroundings exude a depressing “Waiting for God” feeling for me when I see some of the residents. I think that I am not ready for this- yet.


meeyeam t1_ivh1sfd wrote

TIL there are people named Egon who are not in the field of ghost busting.


digitalscale t1_ivh4gaa wrote

Who says he isn't? There must be plenty of ghosts on cruise ships, they have a lot of deaths on board.


Dano558 t1_ivg7g2k wrote

$4 million in 1971 is worth about $29 million today.


r1ch999999 t1_ivfzq4b wrote

It’s cheaper today, I’d consider that for a few years


Trolldad_IRL t1_ivgwcj3 wrote

Her 'Traveling companion'. Her best friend. Her 'Gal Pal'.



Alber81 t1_ivh4ssz wrote

Oh. My. God. They were… roommates!!!


ergonaut t1_ivfwwo9 wrote

Heiress to the dynomite detonator fortune. Last name Macbeth.


Timo425 t1_ivgnazh wrote

That's one creepy picture.


EddySea t1_ivfy758 wrote

Captain Pellew


AgentParkman t1_ivh2eu7 wrote

No, no no no. I just dont know how to get offfffffff!


MrErie t1_ivi3dr7 wrote

I’ll tip only at the end of my journey


TUGrad t1_ivmlzi2 wrote

Couldn't imagine doing this today, unless maybe on Seaborne or Ponant.