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Andy83n t1_iy08iqw wrote

And three worth listening to


brainsapper t1_iy0j9d5 wrote

That’s partly why I never got into podcasts. Too much effort to find something good.


rxneutrino t1_iy095pa wrote

And which are those in your opinion?


TheClayroo t1_iy0bc8f wrote

He's being hyperbolic in saying that it's mostly crap, but he's right. Everyone thinks everyone wants to listen to them even though they have nothing worth saying.


phillyspecial95 t1_iy0ca1n wrote

Seriously dude how pompous does one have to be to think people actually want to listen to them and their friends having casual conversation.

Cause that’s exactly what it is, casual conversation. I know of 2 different groups of guys in my area (worked with both) that do a “podcast” which consists of them drinking and having conversations, nothing groundbreaking haha.


LtSoundwave t1_iy0za1r wrote

Dennis: “Dennis and Dee Reynolds here. We are talking about the homeless issue here in Philly, that's a big issue these days, and we're here with our friend Cricket, he is a homeless man. Cricket, walk us through a day in your life.”

Rickety Cricket: “Oh, a day in the life...Well, the other morning, I wke up, I find a dog sniffing at my wound. He's fully aroused, mind you. So I'm thinking, "Oh great, what does this jerk want." Of course, I know what he wants. He's lookin' at me right in the eyes. He does not have to say it. Not that he could. I mean, does my scar look like a dog's vagina? I dunno, maybe. I'm not going to sit here and try to get inside the mind of a dog. I mean, that's God's work. Well, not that I believe in God. I don't. Not since that Chinaman stole my kidney.”


RogerPackinrod t1_iy0tak5 wrote

Dan Carlin's format hit it out of the park for me. Just him, in a clear speaking voice, researched and fully edited. I hate co-host banter especially when I just want to hear about the topic, and even more so if they're trying too hard to be funny or they have grating voices.

So to that end, here are a few podcasts I listen/have listened to;

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Song Exploder

SCP Foundation Database

Jocko Podcast (*sometimes)


HPmoni t1_iy0kexc wrote

There are actually charts that show the most popular ones. Called podcast charts.


GlandyThunderbundle t1_iy0kvaa wrote

Popular doesn’t equal worthwhile though. I mean the kardashians were popular.


HPmoni t1_iy2ewv8 wrote

Yes. Popular things tend to be entertaining. Go back to your NPR if you want smart shit.


Gytarius626 t1_iy0a6kz wrote

The market became oversaturated with crap podcasts from opportunists thinking people cared about what they have to say


ScrubNerd t1_iy0njln wrote

That's why I only listen to one by fans of things that are doing it for the fun/love of the subject. Otherwise it's just like listening to radio where there's 3 mins of ads every 15 mins.


MD82 t1_iy1ykvq wrote

I tried listening to a Bitcoin podcast and the guy ran 10 mins of ads before each episode. For a guy who thinks Bitcoin is better than USD he sure is a god damn shill.


Ragnakak t1_iy2hifg wrote

And all advertising the same half dozen shitty products


isayyouhedead16 t1_iy0a6sb wrote

I co-host a podcast with one of my best friends. It's a great way to have a creative outlet for me and even tho we are not popular or making money it's really fun. I'm assuming like 80% of that 2.8m figure is just people like us, having fun.


phillyspecial95 t1_iy0crf5 wrote

What kind of stuff do you discuss? I guess what I’m trying to ask without sounding like an asshole (bc I’m genuinely curious) but how does the podcast help you creatively? Like are you a musician that discusses different music in the world and that helps you write better songs?


isayyouhedead16 t1_iy0dod8 wrote

Hey that was pretty close actually. We review and discuss music, most often new releases. Creatively it helps me write (I've been writing reviews for a while), designing different shows (we are about to release a three part series on The Scene of warped tour era bands and what impact it had societally and we are working on our albums of the year shows). Designing a website, opening up my mind to different types of music, and learning how to review music that may not be my cup of tea while also appreciating it has been fun and rewarding.


phillyspecial95 t1_iy0eiie wrote

Yea i can definitely get behind this kind of podcast. What platforms are you on? Wouldn’t mind tuning in at some point. Sounds awesome dude!


isayyouhedead16 t1_iy0f9oi wrote

Thank you! Hopefully you find us interesting. We are on all the major platforms! Here's our Spotify page. Our weekly episodes revolve around a Spotify playlist that we archive and rotate out with new music every week. Be warned: we talk about everything from r&b to Grindcore.

If you're not on Spotify here's our website where you can listen for free in the browser


GodspeedNibbles t1_iy09a1u wrote

So... would you say it's a bad time for me to start a podcast?


srcarruth t1_iy0d8ik wrote

We should start a podcast about podcasts


GESNodoon t1_iy0ekog wrote

I guarantee there is already a podcast about podcasts. So we could do one that reviews podcasts about podcasts. It would get pretty deep.


Mogradal t1_iy1qsnw wrote

Sounds like podcasts all the way down.


3210atown t1_iy4eu7p wrote

“Who Are These Podcasts?” I found out about them after the cumtown podcast made fun of their episode where they talked about Cumtown.


brainsapper t1_iy0jdg8 wrote

Starting a podcast with your friends is a modern day equivalent of starting a band with them.


Blazing1 t1_iy1s98v wrote

A band is more likely to be successful.


TLMike t1_iy0pa0c wrote

This means that one in roughly 3000 people has a podcast.


Syrairc t1_iy1457p wrote

2,798,775 of them are crime podcasts.


BigBrashT t1_iy0hzhf wrote

History that doesn't suck is really good for American history, starting with George Washington's childhood and the French and Indian war.


frankybling t1_iy0v56w wrote

Time Suck is pretty good


GESNodoon t1_iy0crkn wrote

The average podcast then has less than 50 episodes. I know of at least 3 that are in the 1000s of episodes so that is pretty bad for the others.


ViolettaHunter t1_iy0rlaf wrote

Quantity doesn't equal quality though.


GESNodoon t1_iy0v1wc wrote

No, they do not equal, but for a podcast to make money it generally has to be pretty good. KATG, Jordan/Jesse Go, some of the true crime podcasts have good production value, quality guests or stories and are just a few rungs above the random group of friends talking in the garage.


SirDooble t1_iy3gauy wrote

Well, it depends on age of the podcast really, plus the rate that they release new episodes.

There are lots of good podcasts that only release monthly, but of course that means just 12 episodes a year.

I don't know for certain, but I would imagine a weekly release is the most common rate of release. So even for a very successful podcast, if they're only a year old, they'll only have 52 episodes at most.

I guess what I'm saying is that quantity doesn't necessarily correlate to quality. And unless you're very successful and profitable, you probably can't release a high rate (more often than weekly) of episodes and maintain technical quality. Most podcasts are edited and published by the hosts, whereas super successful ones can afford to pay professional editors to edit and release however many eps each week.


Sdog1981 t1_iy134kh wrote

Who’s more annoying? Obscure podcast snob or obscure music snob?


GrandmaPoses t1_iy1vjab wrote

Can you be a podcast snob without getting laughed out of the room?


Potential_sentience t1_iy33db4 wrote

"yeah these podcasts are a waste of time" proceed to read reddit's comments for 20minutes


ShelfordPrefect t1_iy16jbk wrote

I wonder what the average number of listeners per podcast is... how do you quantify the huge number of podcasts with very few listeners? "Half of all podcast downloads are from the most popular 0.1% of podcasts"


Ill-Organization-719 t1_iy68wxd wrote

Podcasts were better before they became a low effort celebrity promotional circuit.


frankybling t1_iy0uyok wrote

I have four of those with a combined listening of 3… oh yeah


CaptainPajamaShark t1_iy1ubpt wrote

Conan needs a friend is so funny. I busted out laughing way too much on my flight.

It truly is the golden age of radio.


ShootYourStar t1_iy2xo6p wrote

135 million episodes! And thats just from Joe Rogan!


SEND_PUNS_PLZ t1_iy14jwd wrote

Turns out you can make one about anything. Nothing is impodable


Davidrussell22 t1_iy09ild wrote

Unfortunately, I was blessed with a 1200 baud brain.


TwoFrontHitters t1_iy1dkvg wrote

I just wanna say that podcasts originally started as audio only for people with ipods through itunes. Why in the Kentucky fried fuck are people calling everything a podcast? Having a series on YouTube is NOT a podcast. Can we eliminate the word podcast now?