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23runsofaraway t1_ix3t1d1 wrote

The millions he gets for promoting the world cup should ease any issues.


Void_0000 t1_ix4uhx7 wrote

Wait, what?

You can't do this to me, not morgan freeman...


hrakkari t1_ix5b44r wrote

He’s had some backwards ass views for a while.

Thinks racism goes away if we stop discussing it and that poor people just need to bootstrap up to get out of poverty.


WavingWookiee t1_ix5n7au wrote

I may have misunderstood his racism view but I understood him to say that things such as black history month shouldn't exist because it is just history and should be treated as such. Basically, treated equally rather than have a specific month which I have to agree with. The way to reduce racism is to bring down barriers, not build them up so to speak, the US as a nation hasn't got a massive amount of history, of the history, major parts are related to either civil rights or slavery, a major part of black history in the US. It should be treated as mainstream and not a thing a month every year


Void_0000 t1_ix6xp7z wrote

That makes sense, but what about the other thing?


fafarex t1_ix80j17 wrote

Survivor bias, he made it so it's hard form him to see the barriers he passed longtime ago.


borgendurp t1_ix7t6sz wrote

Simple, he can't unblack himself but he did unpoor himself, and as such, is just as much of a dick as 99% of all rich people.


ERRORMONSTER t1_ix5k07g wrote

Reminds me of when Samuel L Jackson challenged an interviewer to say the N word, pretending that there would be no outside-the-interview consequences and that because he was black, he could "ok" the use of the word and nobody could criticize the interviewer for saying it.


Strawberrycocoa t1_ix7acbb wrote

What happened, did that interviewer lose their job or something?


ERRORMONSTER t1_ix7w2xc wrote

Nope, he stood fast and refused to say it. Jackson mocked him for it, but they moved on


saliczar t1_ix5mt6t wrote

Yep, supporting slavery.

Edit: this World Cup was literally built by slaves, many of which died so people could watch soccer.


barath_s t1_ix43uxy wrote

One car accident leading to broken hand with nerve damage to Freeman and other injuries to his passenger. He was driving Ms. Meyer's car on a dark two lane highway near his home in the Mississippi delta. Went off the road , flipped and landed in a ditch.

Injuries to freeman and Ms. Meyer

She sued him and the lawsuit said he had been drinking; but it was settled without disclosure of terms


TransposingJons t1_ix4jabb wrote

Oh, so he's a double-piece-of-shit.


pineappleshnapps t1_ix4k3tc wrote

She probably sued causes it’s Morgan freeman and he has money.


[deleted] t1_ix6cwty wrote



firesolstice t1_ix7x7m6 wrote

The fact that family sue their own family is another reason for why the US is a dumpster fire. this culture of sueing for every little thing is frankly utterly stupid.

Plus, if you are in the car knowing the driver has been drinking? You only have yourself to blame for letting a drunk driver actually drive the car.


iglidante t1_ix812pi wrote

>The fact that family sue their own family is another reason for why the US is a dumpster fire. this culture of sueing for every little thing is frankly utterly stupid.

It isn't really like that in my experience. Often the situation is created by the insurance industry. You get injured, are on the hook for a six-figure sum, and your insurance forces a suit because they would rather claw the money from another party than pay it themselves.


BrownBirdDiaries t1_ix55ehc wrote

No. Morgan has a reputation of drinking, from what I understand. My mother's lawyer was his best friend, Bill Luckett.


TheLordofthething t1_ix4xgh0 wrote

Can't believe he gave any time to that shit show in quatar. Thought he was better than that.


ch3rok333 t1_ix69ye1 wrote

Sorry, late to the party, what exactly did Morgan do?


NotThePersona t1_ix6yztq wrote


Blah12821 t1_ix3ywjz wrote

The most interesting part of that poorly written article is that in 2008 Morgan Freeman was driving a 1997 Nissan Maxima. Apparently, the man is smart with his money.


Creepy-Solution t1_ix44do4 wrote

Saved me a click, ty! Figured it was either a Corolla or a McLaren F1. Morgan lives on the outskirts.


CatchingRays t1_ix43rgl wrote

And that hand is named; The Stranger.


KorungRai t1_ix3s6yc wrote

Driving Miss Daisy wasn’t always safe


asian_identifier t1_ix4yyyq wrote

no wonder the hand looked weird in the world cup opening


I_am_the_alcoholic t1_ix6nwi6 wrote

You can see his limp hand in the Dark Knight Rising. Near the end when he is climbing a ladder to escape the water he clearly has no function of one of his hands.


KTark t1_ix89ucc wrote

So now he’s “all right”?


HPmoni t1_ix9ifdw wrote

He still kicking though!

I hope his wife and step granddaughter was uninjured.


VivaLasVegasGuy t1_ixf1j62 wrote

There was a guy in my city (Las Vegas) who last week FLIPPED his car and had his sunroof open, he was drunk driving, his arm went out the hole and it got ripped off, he is alright but MAN how painful if you were sober


FamiliarWater t1_ix74njd wrote

Someone didn't drink all their stem cells!


Sunaruni t1_ix48nbq wrote

There went his social life.


Firetripper t1_ix7isiv wrote

He's a true piece of shit. This guy leaves a trail of 'out of court settlements' behind him. Not only for being a drunk, but a serious piece of work around the ladies.