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23runsofaraway t1_ix3t1d1 wrote

The millions he gets for promoting the world cup should ease any issues.


Void_0000 t1_ix4uhx7 wrote

Wait, what?

You can't do this to me, not morgan freeman...


hrakkari t1_ix5b44r wrote

He’s had some backwards ass views for a while.

Thinks racism goes away if we stop discussing it and that poor people just need to bootstrap up to get out of poverty.


WavingWookiee t1_ix5n7au wrote

I may have misunderstood his racism view but I understood him to say that things such as black history month shouldn't exist because it is just history and should be treated as such. Basically, treated equally rather than have a specific month which I have to agree with. The way to reduce racism is to bring down barriers, not build them up so to speak, the US as a nation hasn't got a massive amount of history, of the history, major parts are related to either civil rights or slavery, a major part of black history in the US. It should be treated as mainstream and not a thing a month every year


Void_0000 t1_ix6xp7z wrote

That makes sense, but what about the other thing?


fafarex t1_ix80j17 wrote

Survivor bias, he made it so it's hard form him to see the barriers he passed longtime ago.


borgendurp t1_ix7t6sz wrote

Simple, he can't unblack himself but he did unpoor himself, and as such, is just as much of a dick as 99% of all rich people.


ERRORMONSTER t1_ix5k07g wrote

Reminds me of when Samuel L Jackson challenged an interviewer to say the N word, pretending that there would be no outside-the-interview consequences and that because he was black, he could "ok" the use of the word and nobody could criticize the interviewer for saying it.


Strawberrycocoa t1_ix7acbb wrote

What happened, did that interviewer lose their job or something?


ERRORMONSTER t1_ix7w2xc wrote

Nope, he stood fast and refused to say it. Jackson mocked him for it, but they moved on


saliczar t1_ix5mt6t wrote

Yep, supporting slavery.

Edit: this World Cup was literally built by slaves, many of which died so people could watch soccer.