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lego_office_worker t1_ivhwjfj wrote

shackletons men: we dont think we can march across a giant ice sheet in a freezing blizzard with barely any food and shelter

shackleton: thats what the cocaine is for


ben70 t1_iviccu8 wrote

And he brought every person back. I don't have to agree with this method, but the result doesn't lie.


MaximumZer0 t1_ivjdtzg wrote

North Pole expedition team: GUH-GUH-GUH-YEEEAAAAAAH BAYBAAAAAAY [slides across polar ice on knees]


DrunksInSpace t1_ivi6elp wrote

Kinda gives a new meaning to HMS Endurance.

I know what we should call the fucking ship, I got this ducking shiт right here and we’re gonna call it Are you even ready for this are you fucking ready for fucking this? Endurance.

En-motherfucking-dur-SouthPoleHumping-durance. Cause that’d what the fuсk it’s gonna take to get there. Endurance and this shiт right here, did you try this fucking shiт yet? It’s fucking liquid endurance, We will endure on Endurance on liquid endurance, on a liquid fucking sea. FUCK I can’t even handle how well this is all coming together. This trip is gonna be my fucking legacy.


drfsrich t1_ivjdsqe wrote

Flows off the tongue easier than "HMS A Shitload of Cocaine," I guess.


Specialist_Peach4294 t1_ivim639 wrote

“Cocaine Is A Hell Of A Drug”

  • Ernest Shackleton

60 years later, Monsieur Rick James was to utter the very same prophetic words.

(From the PBS Documentary)


GlammerHammer t1_ivi6kjd wrote

Too many times this was the case during our weed harvests.


sessl t1_ivho62e wrote

>Discontinued circa 1920 due to excessive demand



toothofjustice t1_ivjwavn wrote

Cocaine tea was (still is???) Used to help fight altitude sickness. It's tea made with leaves from the coca plant.

I learned about this when learning about the origins of Bullet Coffee. The creator was convinced it was the Magic Yak butter they put in his tea that made him feel better when climbing a mountain. It was probably just a little cocaine.


andre5913 t1_ivk4e0f wrote

Coca tea is literally just a bit of an energizer. As in, a cup is weaker than half a redbull.

Its not even remotely comparable to the drug. To make a gram of cocaine you need almost an entire tree's worth of leaves.


hobbitdude13 t1_ivhze18 wrote

"This was recommended to us by one Doctor Rockso. Rather high-strung fellow."


jwgronk t1_ivi29eq wrote

Very off putting; I could see his junk through his jumpsuit, and he wouldn’t stop talking about doing cocaine. Also, he looked like he’d gotten the shit kicked out of him recently. It would be sad if he wasn’t so annoying.


RedTheDopeKing t1_ivib0d4 wrote

Hey there mr. hot dog vendor, look what I’ve got - COCAINE!

Hey there mr. shoe shine guy! Look what I’ve got - COCAINE!

Hey mr. zoo animal check out this cocaine! Hey little boy with a b-b-b-balloon! Cocaine!

Hey there mr police officer, I - oh shit!


MitsyEyedMourning t1_ivhpbds wrote

Tough choice between chattering your teeth or grinding them.


Chickensandcoke t1_ivhzo9z wrote

Don’t forget good ole fashioned clenching them


MaxMouseOCX t1_ivjbj6d wrote

You haven't lived until you've accidentally eaten your own head by gurning with the force of a billion sun's.

"... You... You alright mate? You look fucked up"

"I'm good bro... Reeeeaaaal good"


DrugChemistry t1_ivi9uez wrote

South pole*


salton t1_ivioyvi wrote

Somewhat related a lot of WW2 on all sides used cocaine, amphetamine, and an opioid some or all used in combination fueled most of the pilots and lightning attacks of the war. It had a hell of a come down though and often attacks had to halt to regroup from the sheer exhaustion and loss of coordination of troops after moving for days on end.


o2lsports t1_ivk4ztk wrote

Yeah the Nazis were supposed to take months to reach Paris, if they got there at all. It took six weeks.


caessa_ t1_ivkjspi wrote

Then proceeded to rip out all the copper in Paris!


Historical_Nothing99 t1_ivxu1ox wrote

The legendary meth March. No food very little water NO SLEEP marching all across Europe...


AssignmentNeat7949 t1_ivhqisj wrote

Yeah till you run out half way there

Then your in for a baaaad time when the come down from weeks hits u


skeetsauce t1_ivi1bwy wrote

I wonder if they were still allowed to slam this stuff when they got back to their boat?


BIN-BON t1_ivhodn7 wrote

I too, listen to No Such Thing as A Fish.


NotGalenNorAnsel t1_ivi2h00 wrote

I just listened to this episode again recently, it's the one that talks about Aimo Koivunen, the Finn that took his whole platoons' meth and was awake for ten days right?


BIN-BON t1_ivi8qqp wrote

Correct. They even took his weapons and food from him. He supposedly lived by eating a raw jay, hunting it by swinging his ski at it. He also apparently ran into a trapped soviet base that had been abandoned and shredded his foot. However, Aimo Koivunen himself is the only source on this, and well, he was zooted like a motherfucker.


ben70 t1_ivid00x wrote

I do know they discussed that guy, but I can't be certain that episode was that guy.

Doing the math on 'ten days of meth' vs 'heart failure' one may reasonably figure it is that same soldier.


PeachSnappleOhYeah t1_ivhun7p wrote

i learned of Shackleton's trip, from Dan Carlin, where he mentioned it in blueprint for armageddon. what a crazy time in the world. Would love to read up more on Shackleton at some point.

what little i know, this TIL makes perfect sense considering the time period. haha


gordonblue t1_ivi10e5 wrote

Read “Endurance” then- incredible story


GaijinFoot t1_ivjabki wrote

Great book. I can't believe how tough men could be. There's a part where they ride coils of rope down an ice mountain and it's so inspiring.


keetojm t1_ivi0a4g wrote

Yeah this is how they made it to the South Georgia island.
Taking a version of speedball.


JoshSidekick t1_ivigmrw wrote

Allays hunger and prolongs endurance and makes you think buying a bar would be a good idea.


bigbangbilly t1_ivic1il wrote

>Cocaine-infused tablet called “Forced March”

So that's what the guards took for guarding Morpheus in the Sandman the netflix series.

I wonder did the 21st century guards had Cocaine or just coffee?


MichaelPgh t1_ivhr0hb wrote

Wait till you find out what happens when Hitler’s Wehrmacht discovers amphetamines!


Matt01123 t1_ivic3oi wrote

Antarctician marching powder?


6four t1_ivi2qh9 wrote

I’ll take 2 bottles fine sir


bhillen83 t1_ivi4c80 wrote

So he took a bunch of booze and coke? Dude really had his priorities straight.


Amida0616 t1_ivivkfc wrote

I was hoping it was a giant 10 commandments style tablet made of pure cocaine


N_onel t1_ivjd3g6 wrote

Also used by the British during WW1!


dmcfrog t1_ivjw61z wrote

Frostpunk vibes


BolsonaroIsACunt t1_ivjx0vs wrote

long, deep sniff

"Yeah damn fucking right we can beat the Norwegian there, let's GO"


centurionx1 t1_ivi905g wrote

Scientist 1: here team, this should help us continue on



csanyk t1_ivicup5 wrote

In fact, forget the North Pole...


frealfr t1_ividd8x wrote

Not too bad mixed in bubbly


zachtheperson t1_iviuk6y wrote

Yeah it's crazy to think ~80 or so years ago people treated most drugs, from marijuana to heroin, just like we treat we treat aspirin and coffee today.


Electronic-1911 t1_ivix9ji wrote

I need some of that shit right now if I’m honest.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_ivj60m8 wrote

For anyone who likes rabbit holes, this expedition is an amazing story.

There’s lots of video footage available too.

When he finally took the tiny boat on a Hail Mary mission across the sea to the whaling station, he took the main trouble-causer with him so that the others wouldn’t be encouraged to do something stupid.


TheChoonk t1_ivj63qj wrote

Oh hey, I just listened to a podcast where they talked about it, as well as that Finnish soldier who took a 30x dose of meth and marched across icy tundra for days.


squirrelhut t1_ivk7xoi wrote

Lol I’m laughing more than I should but also this just caught me completely off guard lol


phaedrus77 t1_ivka0wx wrote

I don't know why but today feels like it's gonna be a great day.....


Picker-Rick t1_ivkbsqo wrote

Life is just a videogame. Cocaine is a powerup potion.


Don_e_Darko t1_ivkhbob wrote

Did you watch Sandman recently? That’s how I found out about this.


atomicxblue t1_ivlk6x5 wrote

And here I thought we all were supposed to prevent people cracked out of their mind from wandering around in the snow.


Dagmar_dSurreal t1_ivllhbq wrote

They don't call it "Bolivian Marching Powder" for nothin'.


opiate_lifer t1_ivlz2k8 wrote

I'd like to point out coca leaves have been used for this purpose for thousands of years at least in the Andes.


huhwatngyuenwarey t1_ivienks wrote

Off label use: when you return home from expedition leftover rations might be used with know on the celebratory fishing trip, those fishermen hooking all the good fish deal with hunger and endurance too ya know. Bet you thought I meant the hookers with the fire brigade on the hook and ladder wagon. Common mistake.


proxproxy t1_ivimxh0 wrote

The testing would be terribly unethical but boy id love to know how much elite weightlifters could improve their performance by unfettered access to stimulants like meth and coke


CTRL1_ALT2_DEL3 t1_ivjanl0 wrote

They will drastically worsen performance, or worse. Coke and meth's mechanism of action works the cardiac muscle to a significant degree, adding strenuous exercise to the mix will very likely lead to premature death.


Beef_Supreme46 t1_ivj1nb4 wrote

It's almost as if most currently illegal drugs (cocaine, heroin / opium, amphetamine, cannabis, etc) weren't readily available and widely consumed 100 years ago.


[deleted] t1_ivjsuin wrote



wjglenn t1_ivjxkyf wrote

By 1907? Merck and Bayer. It was pretty big in pharmaceuticals for a while there.


crsbryan t1_ivjwmfp wrote

"Containing the combined active principles of Kola Nut and Coca Leaves."


Like the original Coca-Cola, but in a tablet!


-domi- t1_ivhxwvs wrote

Wait, the tonic prolongs the power of his ship, The Endurance? We need to being back that medicine.


Dontdothatfucker t1_ivi4ikd wrote

I know a lot of people already know, but if you haven’t looked into it before check out the impact methamphetamine (or it’s early cousin) played in World War II. Without it, the blitzkrieg would have looked very different.


Squishyfood t1_ividomm wrote

Do soldiers have something similar today? I know high-altitude pilots get a gimped version that's basically just weapons-grade caffeine pills, but something that gives you methhead energy sounds super lucrative


witchyanne t1_ivi6c5v wrote

Oof fml taking that and feeling 10x worse in an hour.