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BIN-BON t1_ivhodn7 wrote

I too, listen to No Such Thing as A Fish.


NotGalenNorAnsel t1_ivi2h00 wrote

I just listened to this episode again recently, it's the one that talks about Aimo Koivunen, the Finn that took his whole platoons' meth and was awake for ten days right?


BIN-BON t1_ivi8qqp wrote

Correct. They even took his weapons and food from him. He supposedly lived by eating a raw jay, hunting it by swinging his ski at it. He also apparently ran into a trapped soviet base that had been abandoned and shredded his foot. However, Aimo Koivunen himself is the only source on this, and well, he was zooted like a motherfucker.


ben70 t1_ivid00x wrote

I do know they discussed that guy, but I can't be certain that episode was that guy.

Doing the math on 'ten days of meth' vs 'heart failure' one may reasonably figure it is that same soldier.