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PeachSnappleOhYeah t1_ivhun7p wrote

i learned of Shackleton's trip, from Dan Carlin, where he mentioned it in blueprint for armageddon. what a crazy time in the world. Would love to read up more on Shackleton at some point.

what little i know, this TIL makes perfect sense considering the time period. haha


gordonblue t1_ivi10e5 wrote

Read “Endurance” then- incredible story


GaijinFoot t1_ivjabki wrote

Great book. I can't believe how tough men could be. There's a part where they ride coils of rope down an ice mountain and it's so inspiring.


keetojm t1_ivi0a4g wrote

Yeah this is how they made it to the South Georgia island.
Taking a version of speedball.