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DrunksInSpace t1_ivi6elp wrote

Kinda gives a new meaning to HMS Endurance.

I know what we should call the fucking ship, I got this ducking shiт right here and we’re gonna call it Are you even ready for this are you fucking ready for fucking this? Endurance.

En-motherfucking-dur-SouthPoleHumping-durance. Cause that’d what the fuсk it’s gonna take to get there. Endurance and this shiт right here, did you try this fucking shiт yet? It’s fucking liquid endurance, We will endure on Endurance on liquid endurance, on a liquid fucking sea. FUCK I can’t even handle how well this is all coming together. This trip is gonna be my fucking legacy.


drfsrich t1_ivjdsqe wrote

Flows off the tongue easier than "HMS A Shitload of Cocaine," I guess.