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I_Sett t1_ixkiota wrote

There's this wonderful observation in Steven Austad's Why We Age book that goes along the lines of:

When researchers were first investigating the rural communities in far flung parts of the world where people lived an incredibly long time they almost all shared several features that might have contributed to the incredible longevity of the inhabitants:

  • The communities prized their elderly and in many cases they were the leadership of the group.
  • The communities were very isolated.
  • Records (such as of births) were not kept.

One elderly man was approached by researchers and interviewed at the impressive age of 120. He had even managed to reach the ripe old age of 130 when the researchers returned 5 years later.


The_Mouse_That_Jumps t1_ixkmatq wrote

That guy was my Zoology professor! I’ll have to pick up his book.


I_Sett t1_ixmu0n0 wrote

Nice! I've had lunch with him once when he was a visiting lecturer, seemed like a really interesting guy with a fascinating career. He has some excellent anecdotes to share, I bet he was a fun professor.


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Alexstarfire t1_ixl2935 wrote

I believe the point of his statement went right over your head. You should take some lessons from Drax.


Stiffard t1_ixl5rc5 wrote

Gotta enjoy their response, though. It's classic Reddit ding-dongery.


hypotyposis t1_ixl92zf wrote

He went from 120 to 130 in five years according to the statement…


Odysseyan t1_ixlc6dk wrote

That's the joke. Also you don't get 10 years older in the span of 5 years